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Hello there! I am a prospective NIU Nursing student! I currently have a 3.9 GPA and I got a 110 on the Accuplacer... I have gotten into all my other schools like AU, Bradley, Western IL, Saint... Read More

  1. by   Ms_barnesRN
    Quote from ReneR
    Teeanne, I remember you on the Aurora University discussion board. Have you chosen to accept entrance into NIU or Aurora if you don't mind me asking? I got my letter today from NIU and have been accepted too. It's a very hard decision to make and wondering why you would chose one over the other.
    I just wanted to say I went to AU for my biology degree! I loved that school! Heard the nursing program was great but that was over 5 years ago that I went there.
  2. by   ReneR
    Thanks jessieleb, I went back and re-looked at everything. Aurora has a much higher pass rate for the nursing state boards, which to me means that they have a better program. So, I am going to stick with my decision and go to Aurora and deny entrance into NIU. That will open up at least one spot on their waiting list.
  3. by   Suey816
    I didn't get in! That's okay though, I have a B.S. already so its not the end of the world for me, it just wasn't meant to be - I need to save that student loan $$ anyway and just pay off the ones I have
  4. by   Aspiringnurse13
    Hello. It seems that we may have the same issue. Right now I am applying at NIU. Admissions was asking for my transcript from 20 yrs ago from another country. I am wondering what happened to your application and they ever gave you a special consideration.
    I hope you reply on this I need to hear from you
  5. by   Aspiringnurse13
    Hi Suey816,
    If I may ask what was the reason they said why you didn't get accepted? is it overall GPA or pre req GPA?
  6. by   Aspiringnurse13
    I am thinking about Aurora University for nursing. Did you accept NIU or aurora?
  7. by   Teeanne
    Personally I picked NIU. For me, a lot was financial - the transfer scholarships brought the price of NIU to about $1k/semester less, but the program is 1 semester longer, so it still kinda tips in Aurora's favor. But I worried if I had a bad semester, losing Aurora's scholarship would be a much bigger hit. I'm still glad I don't have that extra pressure on me. Many of my classmates have degrees already so transfer scholarships weren't even on the table.

    But I work with folks going to (or went to) Waubonsee, NIU, and Aurora, and we're all pretty happy with our choices. Every program has its advantages and disadvantages. So far, no regrets! Loving it here.