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    Good luck to everyone who has gotten their application in by today! I am hoping I'm not the only BSU hopeful on all nurses If there are any current students when did you hear if you got in?
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    I applied this time last year and my acceptance letter came mid-April. It felt like an eternity! Good luck.
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    Wow, I can't believe I'm the only BSU applicant on all nurses! I have moved to Boise and have a job as a home health PCA. Hopefully it will keep me busy enough that the next two weeks of waiting won't be too slow. I am worried about the out of state tuition though! Unless I get a couple of scholarships I'm not going to be able to go
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    I have also applied for the program at I get to wait (impatiently) for an acceptance/rejection letter.
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    robyn: never mind my question on the other thread you answered it here I really hope we both get in this fall! What classes are you taking now? Or this summer?
    NewSN13: What is the schedule like? Is it possible to have kids and work and not go crazy?
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    I am taking a&p right now (I got a B the first time so if I don't get in, I'll reapply with the A). I don't have any other classes to take over the summer. Are you taking classes now/summer?
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    So my day just got 10 million times better!! I was accepted to start this fall!!!!
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    Congrats to Robyn! Best of luck to darklotus!!
    I am surprised your letter came so soon, I thought they had delayed them not to even be sent out until end of last week. I apply this fall I have spoken to Dark Lotus before I lost access to my previous account IDalove, just wondering what your application looked like (GPA etc).
    I was told to retake my Bio 228 because I had a B to bump me past the invisible 3.75 wall to guarantee admission (I am also a volunteer at St.Als, some other exp. as well), and I am set to take that this summer. I am just trying to get a picture of what this cohort looks like for the Fall 2012 entries. Since I guarantee I wont be able to get anything out of the nursing dept until its to late for me to back out of the 228 this summer!
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    Yeah, I was surprised too!
    I applied with a 3.73 and have really no healthcare experience (I have recently become a volunteer at St. Al's though). I am bilingual, so I think that really helped me in the cultural diversity area. I am kind of curious to know how the new system actually works; I think the essays were a good idea especially for someone like me that doesn't have a 4.0.

    I can let you know once I find anything else out
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    Congratulations robyn! It makes me so nervous that I still have not heard! With my gpa I was thinking I'd get in for sure but now I'm not sure. I think I totally bombed the essay portion. I only wrote about working as a CNA so I think I came off a little bit one ended and not well rounded... I'm going to be a nervous wreck between now and when I check the mail tomorrow!

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