BSU Fall 2012 Hopefuls

  1. Good luck to everyone who has gotten their application in by today! I am hoping I'm not the only BSU hopeful on all nurses If there are any current students when did you hear if you got in?
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  3. by   NewSN13
    I applied this time last year and my acceptance letter came mid-April. It felt like an eternity! Good luck.
  4. by   DarkLotus
    Wow, I can't believe I'm the only BSU applicant on all nurses! I have moved to Boise and have a job as a home health PCA. Hopefully it will keep me busy enough that the next two weeks of waiting won't be too slow. I am worried about the out of state tuition though! Unless I get a couple of scholarships I'm not going to be able to go
  5. by   robyn_a
    I have also applied for the program at I get to wait (impatiently) for an acceptance/rejection letter.
  6. by   DarkLotus
    robyn: never mind my question on the other thread you answered it here I really hope we both get in this fall! What classes are you taking now? Or this summer?
    NewSN13: What is the schedule like? Is it possible to have kids and work and not go crazy?
  7. by   robyn_a
    I am taking a&p right now (I got a B the first time so if I don't get in, I'll reapply with the A). I don't have any other classes to take over the summer. Are you taking classes now/summer?
  8. by   robyn_a
    So my day just got 10 million times better!! I was accepted to start this fall!!!!
  9. by   IDalove2
    Congrats to Robyn! Best of luck to darklotus!!
    I am surprised your letter came so soon, I thought they had delayed them not to even be sent out until end of last week. I apply this fall I have spoken to Dark Lotus before I lost access to my previous account IDalove, just wondering what your application looked like (GPA etc).
    I was told to retake my Bio 228 because I had a B to bump me past the invisible 3.75 wall to guarantee admission (I am also a volunteer at St.Als, some other exp. as well), and I am set to take that this summer. I am just trying to get a picture of what this cohort looks like for the Fall 2012 entries. Since I guarantee I wont be able to get anything out of the nursing dept until its to late for me to back out of the 228 this summer!
  10. by   robyn_a
    Yeah, I was surprised too!
    I applied with a 3.73 and have really no healthcare experience (I have recently become a volunteer at St. Al's though). I am bilingual, so I think that really helped me in the cultural diversity area. I am kind of curious to know how the new system actually works; I think the essays were a good idea especially for someone like me that doesn't have a 4.0.

    I can let you know once I find anything else out
  11. by   DarkLotus
    Congratulations robyn! It makes me so nervous that I still have not heard! With my gpa I was thinking I'd get in for sure but now I'm not sure. I think I totally bombed the essay portion. I only wrote about working as a CNA so I think I came off a little bit one ended and not well rounded... I'm going to be a nervous wreck between now and when I check the mail tomorrow!
  12. by   DarkLotus
    Oh and is anyone taking patho over this summer? I'm taking it online but it would be fun to meet up and have a study group if anyone else is taking it too
  13. by   IrishMama
    DarkLotus, I don't want to get your hopes up, but my acceptance letter last fall didn't arrive until almost 10 days after they we mailed out. I called three times and they wouldn't give me any info over the phone. It magically appeared by the day they told me to call back if it didn't arrive. So, it was lost in the mail and they resent it. Good luck!
  14. by   robyn_a
    Thanks, DarkLotus! As soon as I read the letter, I just wanted to run out and start getting supplies.. haha
    I honestly thought I bombed the essay portion as well, especially since I have NO healthcare experience. I think that with your fantastic gpa and CNA experience you will get your acceptance letter any day Good luck!!!!

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