What are keys questions in a interview for Hospice Nurse?

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    I have been interviewed for positions for LTC nursing in my past 17 years. But I would like to know if there are trick questions, certain answers you should give during the interview process for Hospice Nursing. The reason is .is that I was asked a question in regard to what I would do if I came to a patients home, rang the doorbell and there was no answer. What would your first action be. First of all, I would see if there is another way to get into the home. An open window to call into, the patient may be int he bathroom on the phone, upstairs and cannot answer the door right away,.....so this is what I said......then.....the recruitor looked at me with a strange glare and said....and what else, if there still was no answer....I said....call 911. I felt like this canned me for the potential job I couldve had....but I could be wrong. It bothered me ever since not knowing why I didnt land the job with Hospice. And I had worked in an ED assisting nurses and doctors before I became a nurse and worked as an EMT. So....any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I try to ring the doorbell, knock, and then I call the pt's phone. If that does not work, I will call the primary contact in the chart. If I still can not get in, then I will reschedule the visit and leave a note asking the pt to call me. We generally do not call 911 in hospice, and it is not unusually that my patients are not home for one reason or another. To be honest, I think that is a strange question for a hospice interview. When I interview we are looking more for people who demonstrate an understanding of prioritization, teamwork, and passion for hospice. I don't think it is fair to ask specific questions about hospice policy for someone who is just interviewing. Just my two cents...
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    What a strange question to ask at an interview. I agree w/ what Erin said. If I have a pt at home who is still mobile, as being homebound isn't a requirement in hospice, I'll call them to give them an idea of what time I'll be there. I don't want to drive all over the place to find someone not home. Good luck w/ the job search!
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    Thank you for the helpful advice. I just realized that it wasnt a Hospice position but a home care position I was being interviewed for......so many interviews in the past I cant recall them correctly. But thanks for the helpful responses.....I will keep them in mind. Just so unnerving at my age. 55. lumbarpain
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