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Here it is. The threat. One of our beloved patients called today with concerns regarding a finding at his doctors. Why would he go? Because "she wanted too!~" The MD found the patient... Read More

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    Quote from jeannepaul
    or how about, if you don't do so and so, or give me this or that, Im going to change to a different hospice. I hear that alot esp. from nursing home employees.......if you don't start cc, we are going to change, we don't have time to give the med every 2 hours.
    This is my biggest pet peeve! I've had nursing homes ask if we were going to start CC when the patient was still alert, talking, eating and drinking with perfectly normal vitals. Seriously? Sometimes I just want to scream stop being so lazy and do your job! Arrgghh!!!

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    If families threaten to change hospices I make sure that the MSW has provided them with a comprehensive list of agencies and discusses it with them.

    If a family is that unhappy we are glad to let them go as it is unlikely that we will be successful in making them happy. (even tho we are the best hospice in the area)

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