RN supervisory visit Frequency?

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    Does anyone know the reg on how often an RN has to supervise an LVN and HHA in Texas according to Medicare Hospice Benifit guidelines?

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    Every 14 days is a Medicare requirement nationwide for RN's to make a supervisory visit with CNA's. I don't think there is a requirement for LVN's, but it is required that pt's be seen by the RN at least every 14 days. We use LVN's so infrequently and only for occasional visits when someone is out sick or on vacation.
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    Once every two weeks is my understanding here in TX. I don't know if it is q 14 days or q 2 weeks. HTH.

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    Its a Medicare Condition of Participation that an RN must assess the patient and address the care plan with the IDT every 2 weeks.
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    Thanks again. I just started using an LVN this week. What a lifesaver good help is. I think every 2 weeks is perfect. I will still be able to check in and stay aware of changes in the pts condition. I have been the only one seeing the pts, so I am nervous about being out of the loop. This way I will still be in the field and able to manage the pts care. A nice mix. It will take me time to trust my LVN's judgement, but so far she has been good at calling me with report.
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    FYI - Medicare regs are federal regs, so the rules are the same in
    TX as they are everywhere else in USA. Q2 weeks for both LPN/LVN and CNA's.

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    So the criteria is for the pt to be monitored by the RN, not Supervised visits? Or is that in addition...
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    Please tell the above to the RN's at my company as they go months without putting eyes on my patients!
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    Hospice patients MUST be assessed by an RN at least once every 2 weeks...if they are not your agency is out of compliance with medicare regulations.
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    This I know....but how do I as an LPN supervise an RN? The RN's with our company are TERRIBLE...I keep waiting for the surveyors. Its very frustrating because at this time they are also asking the LPN's to do baths as the HHA are "full"....hmmmm...INTERESTING!

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