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Ok, well, here goes. m new here. I actually found this site when I was looking for "white nurses clogs". I googled that phrase and a journal from this site came up. ( Im going back to work soon,... Read More

  1. by   pattiraiteri
    Here is a more personal story of mine. When my great uncle was in hospital my aunt had called me stating he was getting released to go home. She then told me that he was not all there mentally because he was talking with my deceased cousin and deceased grandfather while my aunt was in room. I told my aunt that he might not be hallucinating and possible he was really talking with them. Sure enough he passed away that week unexpectantly.

    Another story is of Ronald Reagan's final moments as told by his daughter Patty in the media. He had alzheimers and had not meaningfully communicated with family for some time. On the day he died they gathered around his bed. At the last breath he opened his eyes and really looked at his wife and she KNEW he was in there for just that moment to say goodbye.

    Billy Grahm's mother when she died heard beautiful music and saw the next world as she told those at her bedside when she was dying.

    Above I gave the story on sam kinison. There are many others. There is a whole website devoted to near death experiences. I have encouraged my patients to tell me stories of what happened. It is amazing what answers you get when you ask. I am a case manager now but I occasionally get patients that have traumas and come close to death. Two patients stories, One hit his head and was paralyzed by medications in hospital and heard the MD telll his wife that they may have to operate to relieve swelling/brain. He could not move but he felt overwhelming anxiety/fear and then he heard a voice tell him everything is going to be okay, he knew it was GOD and he felt/ was loved and he was told he would not need surgery. he did not need surgery and eventually did well after a few months. Another lady fell out of her car when it was moving. She states she saw her deceased father and he gave her a choice that she could come with him or stay. She felt completely loved and wanted to stay with her dad but then she thought of her young daughter and decided to stay. she awoke in hospital.
  2. by   smurfynursey
    Hi everyone...
    I have a question. I am (all things considered) new to hospice - its been my per diem job for about a year. Years ago, I read a story about a nurse that was working in a SNF at night. She saw a patient that had been bed bound for years walking toward the nurses station. When she got there she (the rt) placed the denture box on the counter , said "I don't need these anymore" and walked back to her room. She died shortly after (It said how long but I read this a long time ago). Have you ever encountered such a thing? Or is it just a story? Given my experience and belief system, it would not surprise me if this were true.
  3. by   pattiraiteri
    Get the book "final gifts" written by two hospice nurses. Also go to thread of "ghost stories" on this site.