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Ok, well, here goes. m new here. I actually found this site when I was looking for "white nurses clogs". I googled that phrase and a journal from this site came up. ( Im going back to work soon, after being home for 4 yrs and am... Read More

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    Hi everyone...
    I have a question. I am (all things considered) new to hospice - its been my per diem job for about a year. Years ago, I read a story about a nurse that was working in a SNF at night. She saw a patient that had been bed bound for years walking toward the nurses station. When she got there she (the rt) placed the denture box on the counter , said "I don't need these anymore" and walked back to her room. She died shortly after (It said how long but I read this a long time ago). Have you ever encountered such a thing? Or is it just a story? Given my experience and belief system, it would not surprise me if this were true.
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    Get the book "final gifts" written by two hospice nurses. Also go to thread of "ghost stories" on this site.