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Offer coming tomorrow!

  1. 0 I posted in case management earlier today, but it really should have been in this forum. I interviewed for a case manager RN job today with a hospice company. I mistakenly thought the job was similar to case mangers at hospitals, or even with home health, more like a desk job, but was happy to find out it is a job for hospice care in the field.

    I have been an RN for a little over a year, in critical care. I have longed for a position that would allow me to build more of a relationship with my patients and their families. I believe in the hospice philosophy of care, and after a year of watching patients suffer greatly while dying in the hospital, I welcome the chance to work with people who have taken control of their end of life.

    I nailed my interview and was hoping for an offer by Friday (when they told me they'd make a decision), but they called just now telling me to expect the offer tomorrow! I'm thrilled and scared! It's a big change. It's been nice reading this forum, because so many of you are so passionate about your jobs and really seem to love them.
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    Quote from Kelpups
    I posted in case management earlier today, but it really should have been in this forum. I interviewed for a case manager RN job today with a hospice company. I mistakenly thought the job was similar to case mangers at hospitals, or even with home health, more like a desk job.
    Hi and congrats. I am a CM in the hospital setting. I just want to point out that I am in no way a CM that has an office/desk job. I work directly with patients and families too. Plus, from what I know of Home Health CMs, they are not office/desk workers either. They too have direct contact with patients and families. In fact, I call them about patients that we share to get a better sense of the patient's home care and enviroment. Good luck.
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    Hello MBARNBSN,

    Thanks for the clarification. The CM's at my hospital don't do patient care, which is what I was referring to, not that they were sitting on their bums all day! :-)
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    Congratulations and welcome to hospice!
    It is very demanding work but can be immensely rewarding!
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    Thank you, twedles. I've enjoyed your posts in this forum. :-)

    I received the offer. I'm a little disappointed in the pay and pto. Now wondering if I can negotiate, or if that would put them off to me.
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    Asked for more and got it. So excited to start on this journey!
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    Hey RipeTomato (and all),

    I would love to hear an update on your new position and how you're liking it. Since graduating nursing school in 07', I have been in pediatrics but have always had palliative care / hospice in the back of my mind...... I would also be curious to learn how you negotiated a more reasonable salary. I was offered a job a couple of years ago for a pediatric hospice home care RN and unfortunately the organization and I were not able to come to an agreement..... Thanks!!!!!!! P.S I haven't posted in YEARS so I consider myself fairly new to site : )
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    Hi sonicleese,

    I LOVE my job. I am so happy I made the change. It was scary because it's different from what I was doing, but I'm so, so glad I took the chance. I like having the time to take care of my patients and their families. I really enjoy the psych/social side of nursing and get a lot of that here. I love working normal hours and being on the same schedule as my family. I love the autonomy of being out in the field by myself, but also having the support of the other RNs and my clinical director a phone call (or text) away.

    I simply asked for a higher number than the one they first offered. They upped their offer a bit, enough for me to feel good about the pay. I didn't get the number I asked for, but I didn't expect to either.

    Good luck with your decision!
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    Hello Tomato!

    Really glad to hear you're loving your new job. Your enthusiasm is encouraging.... Was wondering if you're finding that you are spending as much time at home catching up on paperwork / charting as some have said you would. I am a single mommy too and am in the discernment process over whether or not trading shift work is worth it at this time..... Have felt called to it for awhile.... I know every oraganization is different.......... Peace! And thanks : )
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    I haven't had to do any charting or work from home, with the exception of an occasional email. I think if you're organized and stay on top of things, it shouldn't get too out of hand. Of course, I can see that the periodic crazy day will happen, when extra hours will be needed. On the other hand, there are light days to balance that out.
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    So excited for you! I have worked as an LPN doing Hospice for the past 4 years. I am now an RN and am debating getting hospital experience or just sticking with Hospice. I cannot imagine any more fulfilling and life altering profession than a Hospice nurse. I liken our work to L&D except we are aiding in their transition OUT of this world. I often imagine meeting all my Hospice patients again but strong, healthy, and grateful for my care, when I pass over. Welcome to the BEST field in the WORLD!!! Hospice nursing!!!!