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Nursing Home and Hospice unit

  1. 0 hello everyone,
    a friend of mine plans to apply as a hospice nurse in her resume to a Nursing Home with hospice care.

    in this setting, are the elderly residents and hospice patients case load combine or separated ?
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    It depends on the LTC ( I love your screen name BTW) I currently work in a facility that utilizes hospice throughout. It is the resident's home, they want to stay in the room they have lived in for yours and be cared for by the staff they know. That said, we also have a small rehab unit and several hospice beds, they are typically used for respite hospice care of home hospice patients requiring a higher level of care. The hospice company we are working with does not have a free standing hospice unit in this area.
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    Our facility does the same as ktwlpn.....we have residents that have come in with hospice care and others that are referred to hospice care. Hospice is in addition to LTC....and we join efforts to care for that resident.

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