New hospice nurse first night on call

  1. Hi,

    I am a new hospice nurse, having taken this job after 6months of ltc out of nursing school. I wanted to do hospice, which is why I went to nursing school, so this is very exciting, but, of course, nerve wracking as well! The massive amount of paperwork is overwhelming.

    But, the purpose of this post is to say - any advice for first night on call? Some things I might see, advice on how to handle them.

    Prior to midnight, the oncall service texts you with the name and number. Unfortunately, we are not computerized, so I have no way of pulling up the patient's file to get any background info on them.

    We then call back and get more specifics on wht is up.

    I am going to text the other nurses tomorrow afternoon and ask if there are any patients they think I might hear from....

    Thanks to all who may reply.
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  3. by   tomc5555
    As a caregiver I call for changes in condition, such as SOB, agitation, pain. I request advice on medications and making client more comfortable.
    I also call when client has passed. The nurse comes out checks the heart and respirations then pronounces time of death. Makes call to mortuary, the doctors service, and the primary care MD.
    I'm sure you'll do very well.
  4. by   goldberryRN
    Hi! I'm pretty new to hospice also. I've been doing weeknight call four nights a week for several weeks now. We have a voice mail system and all the CMs report off at the end of each day so I, or whoever is on call, has some idea of what 's going on. I do have a laptop to refer to but don't use it that much. I have a binder with a face sheet on each patient. If I get stumped I can usually text or call the CM for advice on what to do with their patient, or I can call the team leader. They've been really good about helping me learn and answering questions. So I think yeah, you're on the right track if you can get them all to report off to you what's going on with their patients and potential hot spots.

    I make sure I have everything under the sun packed in my vehicle in case I'm out for a long time. Supplies, forms. Cat litter for disposing of narcotics. Phone and laptop chargers. Flashlight, extra jacket, etc.

    I was so nervous my first few times I could hardly sleep. It's still nerve-racking! but getting easier with time...

    Hope it all goes well for you!!
  5. by   LVHospiceRN
    I am a night on call hospice nurse for a large hospice. If you have any questions please feel free to email me