I hate when I cannot sleep

  1. Its a chronic problem for me. Yesterday a guy that works for the DME company that our Hospice has a contract with complained about me.

    He said that I order stuff when the patient is too sick to use it. Well, when I order it I have no crystal ball to see how fast of a decline they are going to have! At the time, when I order it they need it!! A couple of weeks ago, we admitted a patient and had to exchange out all the equipment. At the time vital signs were all normal, but he died 4 hours later. There is no possible way anyone could have guessed he'd go that quick.

    And he was angry because I said the weight was over 250 lbs. and the patient was 300.

    I feel beyond discouraged and frustrated. I want to quit my job really really badly right now.
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  3. by   nursel56
    it's so discouraging to do our best and not only are we not recognized for it - we hear petty complaints. i'm usually able to reach inside myself for the assurance that i'm good at what i do despite what the people who carp at us without knowing much about our jobs have to say but sometimes it rolls in at the wrong time and hits us dead center.

    hugs (((vtachy1))) hope you feel better soon. it's not you. [color=#b22222]
  4. by   caliotter3
    Can't sleep either and was just thinking that there is something about the job that is just under the surface. One would think that the eight hours on the job and the two hours going to and from as well as the hour or so getting ready would be more than enough. Hang in there. At least the paycheck will show up soon.
  5. by   AtlantaRN
    DME person complained about you? Isn't he providing a SERVICE that your company is COMPENSATING his company with $$$$?

    Don't be discouraged. We order what we believe the patients need at the time. Esp if patient was cancer, they can throw a pe when their pps is 50% and they are talking to you (it happened to me).

    Don't quit. Don't let the haters win.

    Do what you believe to be the right thing, and move on.

    As for no sleep, I watch cartoons or my collection of older movies to pass the time when I can't sleep. I sleep better monday through thursday when I can take a benadryl and REALLY sleep.....

    Don't let the haters get you down love, press on and keep fighting the good fight.....