Heartland Hospice or Seasons hospice

  1. Hi, has anyone worked for Heartland Hospice or Seasons Hospice. I think both are non- profit organizations, I would like to know if they pay their nurses by salary or hourly??? Also are these good companies to work for? Any advice at all regarding either would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Quote from LvANrse80
    Hi, has anyone worked for Heartland Hospice or Seasons Hospice. I think both are non- profit organizations, I would like to know if they pay their nurses by salary or hourly??? Also are these good companies to work for? Any advice at all regarding either would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    You may want to say where these companies are located. Nurses from all over the world read this site.
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    The companies are located in Wisconsin. Although both have companies in other states. Hope this helps.
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    Ask around at some facilities... Heartland (if we're talking about the same company) is a for-profit company-nothing wrong with that. Here in the DFW area in Texas-I can give you info if you want to e-mail me. Good luck!
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    Hi. I work for Heartland in New Jersey. We are for profit (There is a large non-profit company that is in our area and from what I hear about them from patients and ex-staff, we have it all over them! Better care, better supplies... I really don't see why so many people feel non-profit is so much better)
    I will say that I have not always been sure of my decision to stay with them. In the past we have not had very good management, and we case managers often felt we were left hanging in the breeze with difficult patients and families. A few months ago we got a new management team and we are now finding that there is SO much more available to us from corporate for support in difficult situations that our past management team never used. It is the little things that make you feel that you are appreciated and respected...and we now are getting that.

    I do have to say that we are NOT electronic...it is all pen-to-paper, and it is a LOT of paper! So if that is important to you, you might not want to work for Heartland as there are plans to be electronic in the "future", but not a target date.

    Although it is a national company, we do not get a lot of micro-management from the "home office". We do have regional people/consultants that visit for support and audits, but as long as we are showing continued eligibility and are keeping our patients happy, it is not a stressful situation for the CMs.

    I am now feeling good about my decision to stay with Heartland.

    Forgot to add...We are hourly with mileage. We have 2 on-call nurses so we only have to do call on holidays during the day when the office is closed or if the on-call nurse needs a day off or is sick. But they try to cover each other, so we don't have to do much of that.
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    I know one nurse that works for heartland and she loves them . There are lots of home care places here and we went though a lot of them with my mom and dad and heartland is by far the best home care compunty I have ever seen .
  8. by   westieluv
    HCR Manorcare, the parent company of Heartland, has its headquarters in Toledo, Ohio and has offices all over the country. They also own a bunch of nursing homes. I can't speak on all of their facilities, but the ones in our area (within an hour of corporate headquarters) are known to be terrible places to work; understaffed, all about the bottom line and the shareholders' profits, etc.

    I work at a non-profit hospice where we have a few employees who came to us after working for Heartland and none of them have anything good to say about working for a corporate hospice. They say that working for Heartland feels very cold and businesslike compared to working non-profit. I have never worked for Heartland, that's just what I've been told by people who did and would never go back. They still use paper charting, just like a pp stated, and from what I've been told, it's tedious.

    I have no idea what the quality of care is with Heartland home care or hospice, but I have been offered a case manager position by them in the past and, based on how they treat their employees in our area and what I have witnessed in their corporate owned LTC facilities, I know I will never work for them.
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    Westieluv, I can honestly say that a year ago I would never have told anyone to work for Heartland. As I said in my first post, the management team at our office was awful, disorganized and morale was horrible. We were carrying heavy case loads as management would not do what was needed to get another case manager hired and we all felt unappreciated, disrespected and used. Then it all turned around with a good management team at the office. That is the lesson I learned...the company it self is not what makes the work easy or hard, good or bad, it is the management team at the local level. And that can be very hard to scope out during the interview process. I would advise trying to talk to the nurses who work there, if you can.

    There is no Heartland Home Care in New Jersey, so I have no idea what they are like. But there are Heartland Rehab for out patient rehab and I used one of them after a slight back injury at work for physical therapy and they were wonderful.

    ManorCare long term care facilities in New Jersey are good facilities, although since there are none in my area, we don't have patients there. But we have used them for respite stays and my patients or families were happy with them.
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    Thanks all
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    Seasons is not a non-profit either.
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    Ok thx, I wasn't sure.
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    Yes please I'm looking into moving down to Arlington Texas. I'm not quite sure how to pm you?????
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    I work for Capital Caring, formerly Capital Hospice. We are located in DC, MD, and VA. We have many employees that come to us from Heartland Hospice. If you are interested in a new employment opportunity, all open positions are listed on our website http://www.capitalcaring.org/careers...-opportunities.