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I have a question regarding hospice nursing which I've wanted to ask for a while, and I'm hoping for a little insight on the usual care for patients in hospice. How often is it that a patient is d/c'd from hospice? From... Read More

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    i don't really know, i just know adele music is dramatic, so i would believe that is why it's on the site

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    Im new to hospice nursing but she's 40 and claims a 32 year battle with eating disorders lists both bulimia and anorexia. I found it very strange that she lists her favorite foods:
    • Favorite Cuisine: White beans
    • Favorite Desserts: Brownies
    • Favorite Drinks: raspberry smoothie
    • Favorite Junk Foods: PopTarts
    • Best meal ever: Dads White Beans
    • Foods I hate: peas
      I don't know much about eating disorders but this seems weird. Munchausens syndrome maybe? One way to figure it out would be to admit her to a inhouse hospice that could monitor meals/tube feeds and have video cam in the room if possible. I too agree, I smell a rat.
    • Also there are other criteria ,such as adls, able to walk, feed self etc, and yes if she stabilizes, she can be discharged for extended prognosis.
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    The blogger clearly state's they have been off hospice for 2 years *shrug*
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    Her mom said that "Hospice came into our lives in Sept '07." It seems to me that her objection of the facts of the case do not co-exist. First she's dying and she's on her journey to Neverland. She got to meet the group "I Can Only Imagine." Next she's really really dying because of a PICC line infection. Her mother's words: "Pray for Nanny. This one could kill her and she's on death watch." I kept away from her blog but now, doctors want to do a ilioestomy and she has to come off all her pain meds. I'm not trying to start something here, but something just isn't right. She says that her last meal was in 2005, but she posted a youtube of her and her sister eating at Starbucks. On public assistance? Even I don't go to Starbucks because it costs too dang much. Something is wrong here and I'm wondering from a medical perspective was this is all about? Can this be possible? Thank you all for your help.
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    Be cautious, babyRN2Be, of judging people from a blog. Perhaps there is something "wrong" with this story, perhaps not. We cannot possibly know by simply reading words on a website.

    Eating disorders are often chronic and related to mental illness. The fact that a person is in Starbucks says NOTHING about her personal financial situation. When I was flat a$$ broke, my friends would take me out to a nice place for a meal occasionally. I got to enjoy myself, but I was still poor as a church mouse (as my grandmother used to say). A PICC line infection in a debilitated patient can easily be fatal. Some patients who have extreme and prolonged bulemia cause permanent physical damage to their esophagus and must begin to rely on some sort of tube feedings to maintain adequate nutrition. People with eating disorders are sometimes as fixated on food as they are on weight.

    Again, as a professional nurse you must learn how to assess, gather facts, and create a plan for restoration of health. Speculation and judgement have no place in the nursing process. Be careful what things you practice because they will become habit.
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