average pay for a hospice lvn?

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    I was offered a job doing home hospice. I was told I would be paid about $20 a visit or hour. I cant remember exactly. I told a friend of mine and he said hospice nurses should be getting paid more around $30. can anyone clear this up for me.

    This is for the southern california area. thanks.

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    It really depends... it's more like $22-25/hr plus mileage actually & not per visit coz there's many times you may spend more than an hour to coordinate pt care with all disciples involved i.e calling MD to give status report (to obtain Rx or titrate according to pt's response to meds), MSW, Chaplain, pharmacies to refill/order their needed meds, DME companies for equipments pt may need & others. A big company may offer a higher rate though so scout around. Good luck!
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    I'm an RN in NJ with 7 years nursing experience and I only make $32
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    yeah but were talking about california. cost of living etc is much higher here then most states. Most RN here are getting paid around $30 fresh out of school
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    I don't think that it's a good idea for you to be fishing around for salary comps. The bottom line is, this is what you are being offered and is it a wage you can live on? If, in your heart, you feel it is unjustified, go ahead and fight for more. But remember, hospice is not a profitable business. Hospitals are looking at their bottom line. If you want top dollar, this is not your best choice of jobs. Be thankful, as a LVN you are getting hospice experience :-)
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    I'm outside of NYC, we are pretty comparable to CA, our cost of living is ridiculous. My point is HH/ hospice doesn't pay all that much. New grads in the hospital here are being offered about $30.
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    and you are talking RN right? if so I guess $20 is fair.
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    Yup. I'm an rn. I think the field just doesn't pay much. Maybe go for about $2 / fr if you can.
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    I am A Hospice nurse (LVN) in San Diego, Ca and I make 25.30/Hr PD, 23.00/hr Base Pay. 20/Hr is low even for Hospice
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    How much experience do you have (hospice)? Are you LPN or RN? how long have you been a nurse?

    And BTW there's A HUGE DIFFERENCE in being paid by hour or paid by visit....u need to clarify that immediately
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