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Hello Dear RN's I recently had an interview to become a patient care coordinator with hospice. I got the job! Im so excited! I've never done hospice, but I do feel it is calling my name. I am now doubtful, is the right thing... Read More

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    Quote from areensee
    Sure, go ahead and pick up acute care shifts. It won't hurt and it would be good insurance. For the first two years I worked per diem for an agency in addition to hospice. What I found though was that I disliked working in the hospital so much, that I really was ready to leave it all behind and focus exclusively on hospice. I don't regret this decision, but until you're ready to make such a commitment, it is always a good idea to keep the door open. I will warn you that in today's climate, if you don't have very recent experience in the hospital, you might find it extremely difficult to get back in once you've closed that door. At least in my community, there are so many new nurses, that hospitals don't have to even bother with older nurses who want to get back in. It's an oversight for sure since older nurses have a world of experience, but that doesn't seem to matter. Perhaps just another affirmation of my decision.
    Lol I don't put myself in the older nurse group yet. I'm just 28yo. I have been away from hospital for a month.

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    Hey Kate: I've also been having this same thought process. When I got out of nursing school, I had to take the first job I could find, which was analyzing clinical data for QC. I got a kick out of it at first, but find that I spend most of my time finding ways to extrapolate and manipulate patient data (legally, of course) to benefit the doctors, but I don't have direct patient contact at all. After only a year and a half on the job, I'm unhappy and bored. A dear NP friend of mine is trying to get me on at the hospice agency he works for, because hospice was what I originally intended on doing when I started school. I've seen far too many friends die to not feel like there's something I could do, and I think hospice will allow me that opportunity.
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    The short answer is yes. It becomes your life if you let it. The deeper answer is that hospice is a gift and a calling. You are witness to one of the most trying and intimate time in people's lives. If you are called to do hospice it will not let you do anything else. I love what I do, I love my patient's and families I have been doing hospice for almost 12 years and although it is emotional and physically draining at time, it is a big part of who I am. Don't worry about loss of skills, you will use skills you did not know you had. If you are looking for a 9-5 job it is not for you, however if you want a career that will make a real difference
    In people's lives this just may be your calling. Good luck and know you have a very special group of people around you for support

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