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Hello Dear RN's I recently had an interview to become a patient care coordinator with hospice. I got the job! Im so excited! I've never done hospice, but I do feel it is calling my name. I am now doubtful, is the right thing... Read More

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    Wow, as I read all of your posts, I grow more and more convinced that I'm making the right call by going into hospice. Thank you to all of you for your enlightening answers. You have helped me tremendously. I can't wait to tell all of you about my journey, but I have to wait until I start. (I'll. probably begin the first week of January.) thanks again! I'm still welcoming opinions, so if you'd like to add something, please write with reckless abandon!


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    rnjello, I am in the same position. I also start next month and I am apprehensive about the move. You've received some real good, positive feedbacks here. keep us posted on how it's going for you and I'll do the same. All the best to you on your move.
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    take the job! I think Hospice is the total package of how every patient should be treated! there is a team effort to giving the very best care and everyone contributes...dietary, PT, OT, nursing, pastors and the MD. You will be an important part. Nurses help you when you are born and nurses are there for you when you die to make it a comfortable experience. If you remember that it will help you as you deal with the idea of someones impending death. good luck...I loved being a hospice nurse...
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    Working hospice was one of the biggest blessing of my nursing career. As an LPN, I have worked both residental and home health hospice. My family and friends thought I was crazy; they thought it had to be the most depressing job in the world.
    I tried to explain what a privilege it was that the patient and their families allowed me to share that time with them. I literally got to love the patient to death.
    While working in some fields, no matter what you did or how much you gave it was never enough. Not so with hospice patients and families; they appreciate everything you do for them. You know that you have made a difference!
    I have helped them select what they would be buried in, helped them write their obits, held their hand when they drew their last breath and helped load them in the hearst.
    When I knew they were going to bleed out, I wrapped them in red towels just on the slight chance that in those few seconds it took them to bleed out, I didn't want them to be scared (I also didn't want their families tramatized by it either). Whatever they needed is what I did. My first obligation was to my patient and then to their families.
    Hospice isn't just a job. Hospice is a calling. You will either love or you will run screaming from it.
    Prior to working hospice, I thought death was the worst possible thing that could happen to a person. I know now what a blessing it can be. I have witnessed some of the most beautiful, loving passing. I never stood at the foot of the bed because I always felt that was the angels place.
    I pray that you will be as blessed by working hospice as I was!
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    Crazy in a good way! Hospice is a very difficult but at least for me, personally rewarding! Let's face it, we all die. Wouldn't you want to know that when you reach that point, a caring and compassionate nurse was there to help you through it?
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    I left medicine nursing 2 months ago for hospice and so far its the best decision I have made!
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    Yep, me too. I worked in the hospital and travelled as well, for a total of 15 years. It was really time for a change, and hospice fit the bill!
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    I've just started working for a hospice house recently. I like it so far minus their computer system. I'm kinda scared of losing my acute care skills though so thinking of picking up a PRN in addition to it all.
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    Sure, go ahead and pick up acute care shifts. It won't hurt and it would be good insurance. For the first two years I worked per diem for an agency in addition to hospice. What I found though was that I disliked working in the hospital so much, that I really was ready to leave it all behind and focus exclusively on hospice. I don't regret this decision, but until you're ready to make such a commitment, it is always a good idea to keep the door open. I will warn you that in today's climate, if you don't have very recent experience in the hospital, you might find it extremely difficult to get back in once you've closed that door. At least in my community, there are so many new nurses, that hospitals don't have to even bother with older nurses who want to get back in. It's an oversight for sure since older nurses have a world of experience, but that doesn't seem to matter. Perhaps just another affirmation of my decision.
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    Best of luck to you! Hospice nursing calls at me...I have been thinking of applying! Please keep us posted on how you are liking it!!!

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