Why is there such a shortage in Home health kiddos? Is the pay bad?

  1. I am a new to Home health care for kiddos with trachs and g tubes. I supervised 25 or so really good nurses but I wish we had more. We get referrals every day with no one to work.
    i try to be supportive, and give cards of thanks. What do you really want to hear? I am here in Ohio and want to make a difference.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    When pay is at par with the new minimum wage, you are not going to attract many employees. Most employers around my area say they will not raise the wages of LVNs, and those that pay RNs more are mum on the subject. Not many RNs want to work extended care to begin with. Not sexy like working in acute care. Never will be considered sexy. Know what I mean?