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I was just wondering what an average case load is for HH nurses. Would do all OASIS visits for your team? usually one- two visits a week type of patients. Any ideas?... Read More

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    If you have a patient case load of 70 and they need to be seen 1-3 and at times 5 days a week it't not possible. You do the math.

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    Quote from KateRN1
    Unfortunately, right now my two full-time RNs have a case management load of 40-50 patients each, about a third of which are therapy-only, no no nursing revists, aside from the 1M2 for 30-day summaries. Ideally, I would like that to be 40 maximum, but don't see that happening in the near future.
    You need to hire another nurse! this is not a "personal attack", however it is not acceptable to give an employee 50 patients if you know the max should be 40 and I think that's high actually. The problem with this business is that the "well its unfortunate, but...." situations seem to fall on the field nurse. My company has added more and more and more duties just in the past few mos. to my regular work I can't really keep up any longer therefore I am forced to find another position and I don't want it to be in the field. Oh- well sucks to be at the bottom of the food chain!

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