What supplies/equipment do I have to provide for home health nursing? What supplies/equipment do I have to provide for home health nursing? | allnurses

What supplies/equipment do I have to provide for home health nursing?

  1. 0 I am looking for a per-diem job with home health, and have had several interviews, and I believe two home health agencies are interested in hiring me. However, in order to be prepared, I was wondering what equipment/supplies I am expected to have for myself - such as blood pressure cuff, O2 sat monitor, etc.
    Can anyone advise me on what they need to provide for themselves as a home health nurse?
    I appreciate your input.
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    most agencies supply the nurse with all the needed equipment,,now i have my own stetescope as i like mine better than the one they give out....
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    I have my own stethoscope, and I purchased a BP cuff that I love. Everything else is provided, and I re-stock as needed with lab and wound care supplies.
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    Minimum, your own stethoscope. To that add a BP cuff. Although some agencies provide these items to the case or to individual nurses, you can't count on them being available. Some nurses carry their own thermometers with disposable sheaths, and perhaps an O2 sat device. However, these items should be provided in the home.
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    I recently had an opportunity to shadow a Home Health nurse. When I asked the nurse, she told me that every nurse who works at the agency needs to prepare her/his own BP machine, thermometer, O2sat, Accucheck, stethoscope, textable cell phone, GPS, etc. Until I read this thread I thought that every HH agency requires their nurses to buy their own equipment for everything.
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    We will provide pusle oximeter, but that's pretty much it. Nurses are expected to have their own thermometer, blood pressure cuff, and stethoscope for vital signs. Agency policy will vary on the blood glucose meter. Some places will have the nurse carry a "nurse kit," others do not allow this due to regulations dealing with the cleaning and QC. Textable cell phone and GPS are totally optional although very handy. I don't know of any agency that provides a cell phone (unless it's also a POC device) or a GPS for staff. I do know of one agency that has fleet vehicles, but don't know if they include a GPS or not.
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    We have to provide our own stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, and GPS. The agency provides a pulse oximeter, glucometer, and textable cell phone. Medical supplies are available at the office, and I go in about once a week to restock and turn in time sheets. I carry around a tub of supplies, and leave some at my regular patients' houses.
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    This topic is very helpful, I am thinking about getting into home healthcare myself. My question is. Is it possible to get reimbursed for these items? Do you claim them on your taxes or just do the standard deductions? What about mileage?
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    Your employer won't reimburse you. You can claim this stuff on your taxes to the extent that you itemize and they meet the criteria. Mileage can be claimed on taxes with the claim for business use of car; all your visits except the beginning and the end. You subtract the distance from your home to your office from the beginning and the end of your work day. All mileage in between can be claimed. You keep a logbook. This is if your employer does not pay you mileage. If they pay you mileage, you can only deduct the difference between that and the IRS rate. Of course, all of this should be discussed with a tax professional.
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    I was beginning to think the same thing, like mileage, depreciation, etc. When we claim tax deduction for mileage what is the best way to prove how much you’ve drove? And if a car is used almost every day with so many miles, the car can be depreciated quickly and you might need to buy the next car soon.
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    Keep a strict log and write down your odometer readings at each point.
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    My agency provides everything, except a stethoscope, phone, or a GPS. Oximeter, BP cuff, disposable thermometers, gloves, bags, supplies are available for nurses. Agency glucometers in stock if needed, PT/INR machines. But then again we are a hospital-based home care agency.
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    My agency provides everything. I have my own stethoscope, (they do have very basic ones) but they have provided thermometer, b/p cuff, pulse ox, pt/inr machine, lab and basic wound care supplies etc. Everyone gets a cell phone. Full time employees can lease a company car with On-Star. Those who don't take the car get mileage reimbursement. We are in the process of switching from PDA's to Tablets, which have Google navigation, so it can be used as a GPS