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Hi everyone , please share your thoughts about this. I love HH and have been doing it 13 years. I did pt care, management,QA, now back in the field. I feel like I have achieved nothing and wasted a lot of time and money too. I... Read More

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    Quote from adamsmom2
    I worked for 2 different agencies and ended up working 7 days a week for both. I gave up after 2 years.
    This is what I did to avoid the 24/7 job. I learned this (after a few years) from watching experienced nurses do it.

    1. Work for a larger agency that has a firm "on call" schedule.
    2. Never give out your phone number. The only number a patient should have is the one on the home folder.
    3. At SOC, explain to the patient how the afterhours phone system works, and what days you are usually off. Explain that you do not answer the phone when you are off and they are not to leave a message. They need to call the number on the folder.
    4. When its your day off, weekends or nights. Do not answer the phone. Shut it off. I also had a message on this phone giving them the correct number to call.
    5. Learn to say "no". Sorry I can't work this day, weekend, night etc...

    Anyone else have ideas?

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    Home Health is the only business I know of that expects their nurses to do the job of 3 people and only get paid for 40 hours, AND actually get away with it. You won't find nurses doing this anywhere else. Why is this and how did we let it happen?

    The thing that gets me is that home health owners constantly whine and complain that they aren't making any money, but that just isn't true...they are still making a killing. I've seen the billing statements that medicare mails to the patients homes and some of them are outrageous amounts....most of them on patients who are being seen only once or twice a week by a nurse and 10 to 15 Physical therapy visits.

    They can MORE than afford to pay their nurses for the actual hours that they work.
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