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Teaching clause

  1. 0 Just wondering if anyone had any helpful info or teaching guides for the different teaching clauses such as-(pain mgmt,fall precaution and etc.
    Recently started HH and just having hard thinking of things to teach off the top of my head. I would appreciate any help.My email is rochell25@aol.com
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    Check the stickies on this board. Also - have you asked your agency? Generally they have a wealth of resources. At ours, we have the patient sign a copy of handouts/education materials left in home. It helps document that teaching is being done and reviewed with patient involvement. It's a great help to me when I do recerts to see this documentation in the patient's home - gives me a better view on what the SN has been focusing on with the patient (so I can help formulate what remains to be taught or identify issues what issues have to do with noncompliance or medications v simple knowledge deficit).
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    Thanks I will try and find it. I did ask about education handouts but was told once I start working with pts on my team my case manager will give me some handouts for teaching.
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    See our thread: Home Health Teaching Guides-HELP!!

    Part of our sticky links at the bottom of forum.