So sick of the paperwork....

  1. Right now I have 2 SOC, 1 D/C, 2 ROC, and 3 recerts sittiing in front of me. I was too busy on thursday and friday to even begin doing them. Now they all are sitting in front of me and I soooo dont want to do them. I hate this paperwork. I love the patient care, but Im sick of all the time at home I am spending for FREE doing WORK. We keep requesting laptops and they say we will eventually get them. Just wondering, for those of you who have laptops, does it make it less time-consuming when doing the OASIS's? I am just getting sick of this. I have no time for anything else when I am at home.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Transfer to shift work and be done with all this paperwork. All you will have to do is one nurses note for each shift and maybe a doctor's order once in awhile.
  4. by   KateRN1
    Whether or not computerized charting makes things faster depends entirely on the software and your abilities with the computer, as well as how fast you type. I've found paper charting to be much faster in many areas, with the only exception being narrative charting, as I can type much faster than I can write longhand.

    Are you doing minimal visit time and saving all your documentation for later? You may find that your productivity increases and your ability to complete paperwork increases if you do the bulk of your paperwork in the pt's home rather than waiting until you get to your home to do it. If you find that you're unable to complete the paperwork in front of the patient, do it in the car after you complete the visit and don't "clock out" of the visit for your time sheet until you've completed the paperwork so that you have an accurate reflection of the time spent on the visit (which includes the documentation).

    But nothing is going to cut down on the amount of documentation for Medicare. Ever wonder what happens to it all?