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Recent grad starting in Home Health

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    I have been working as an RN for a home health company for about 8 months, however, I have spent most of my time working with patients in the school environment. I've done a very good job overall and received positive reviews from the families, teachers I work with and my supervisors. Recently, I started doing more home health. I like many aspects of home health and I feel that I may want to continue along this specialty. My problem is that I feel very nervous and anxious with these new families and situations, while I felt pretty confident with my prior job responsibilities. I feel it is partly because I am learning so many new things and partly because I often feel akward when I start with a new family in their home. Each family is so different and they all have a different style of doing things which I have to adapt to. I find it hard to switch gears sometimes and sometimes I am faced with family dynamics which just don't fit my personality, so adapting is difficult. Has anyone else experienced these challenges, and if so do you have any words of encouragement or advice for how to handle it?

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    Sounds like you are talking about private duty nursing instead of home health nursing. But what you are going through is typical. You have to adjust and be very flexible to each family. Some people aren't cut out for it, others have no problem adjusting. You have to find the balance of customer service/nursing/culture/personality.
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    I feel exactly the same way when I meet new patients and their families.
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    I worked in PD/HH as a new grad many moons ago. The best thing I found is having a sort of "elevator speech" on my methods of being a nurse, emphasizing advocating for the patient and the family, within reason. I then let the family explain daily routines, preferences, and work with that. I spend time with the patient as well.

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