The reality is home health care is where the jobs are.

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    This is the new reality. Medicare wants patients out of the hospital as soon as possible and does not want them readmitted (at least within 30 days). So one of the specialties with the most jobs for the near future is home health care. Home Health keeps patients out of the hospital. I want to bring this to the board members attention because I see a lot of posts from new grads about starting in home care. No, home health it not a good place to start your nursing career because you need the experience of the hospital. However, the problem is that many cannot find a job in a hospital to gain that experience. I get it! You want to work! You want to be a nurse! You want to make money and use the knowledge that you worked so hard for! Ideally, after about 2-3 years working in the hospital you would be ready for a job as a home health nurse. But unfortunately times have changed and they are not adding hospital nursing jobs. So unless some of the hospital nurses retire or leave there are no jobs there. So how do we solve this problem? The only answer I can think of is to lower our expectations of experience to 1 year of hospital or long term care nursing. Also to have new grads work with an experienced preceptor for the first 3 months or more when starting in home health. What do you think? How do we solve the problem of --How do new grads to get their experience to be home health nurses?

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    I think it's getting harder for new grads to get into home health. I recently got a job where an applicant had to be experienced in OASIS to even be considered. I think most agencies want someone that can hit the ground running, at least that's how it is around here.
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    Totally agree. Home health is the wave of the future.
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    Maybe the nursing Jobs in Home Health are different then the aides, but My Home Health Agency is begging for Aides and you don't even have to have a CNA licence. They do provide CNA classes as well as any training you need to be a successful aide. So I did not know that the Home Health agencies needed 1 year experianced nurses. That is so sad because I think that home health are perfect first jobs for new nurses. You can learn and do a lot of skills, but not too overwelming like a hospital can be. I believe all new grads need that opertunity to get that first job, and I am with you that I think home health needs a lot of caring nurses for their clients. Lets face it there is not enough hospital jobs to give every nurse a job. There are other places in health care that need nurses and i feel that home health will keep growing at an astounding rate because there will not be enough nursing home space as well for all that need care.
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    I still think hospital nursing is the best place for a new grad to start. This is because, she doesn't have to make decisions on her own. She has a lot of experienced nurses on the floor who can help her. But the problem is, there is not enough hospital positions for the new grad and there are many positions, even a shortage, of home care nurses. Therefore we are going to have to find a way for these these new grads to SAFELY provide homecare. I'm suggesting that they work one-on-one with a preceptor at a minimum of 8 weeks, maybe more. During this time, the new grad does not have her own case load. What are your thoughts on this?
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    I'm a new grad BSN, I graduated in August. I've been applying to new grad positions at hospitals continuously since I graduated; but there are so many applicants applying and so few positions. I wanted to start in the hospital to get my training and my required one year of experience, but I don't want to wait and lose everything I learned either. This morning I got an offer to start orientation as a home health nurse in my area, which I start on Wednesday. Hopefully I will be trained over an 8 week period, that will be nice (I will learn all the details on Wednesday). I've been reading up on forums regarding home health because I'm not quite sure what to expect. I would rather start in a hospital, but I feel like I can't pass up this experience either.
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    I wanted to be a home health nurse from the start. I would've applied as a new grad, but HH agencies in my area don't hire new grads. Unfortunately, hospitals weren't hiring new grads either. I worked in LTC (assisted living and the Nursing Home from Hell) for a year before I went into home health.

    I like my job, but I wish it paid more. My agency has problems retaining staff because the pay rate is so low. Plus, a growing number of HH agencies are looking for BSNs. Fortunately, my agency has a scholarship program.
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    I think that's nursing all around. They want people to hit the ground running. I mean how do you break into L&D, OR, ICU?
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    Quote from NJnewRN
    I think that's nursing all around. They want people to hit the ground running. I mean how do you break into L&D, OR, ICU?
    I ended up beginning my career in pedi home health. There are NO nursing jobs in the Boston area. I received this opportunity and jumped on it. I am a self-starter so it worked well for me, but I can certainly see how it may not be the best environment for everyone. I will say that I have noticed a shift in hiring. A year ago my company wouldn't hire a new grad unless they had a connection to he company (which I did) but a new company moved to the area that DID hire new grads and so now mine does too. We'll see if having experience helps to get a hospital jobs when the time comes.
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    I work home health and i would shake in my boots to know a new grad is starting in my field. The job you have to rely on your instincts and experiences to know if a person is going septic. Or a wound is going to blow. Or if the person is starting to develop pneumonia. There are times i just had a gut feeling and the person would have been much worse if i did not listen to instinct. You need to listen and observe the subtle changes then make the md and pt and family all understand that there is problems. And then get them to act. If you do not identify problems the next visit may be days away. Then it is too late.
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