Qualifications for DON designee or alternate?

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    Hi everyone,
    Can anyone give me an idea of what the minimum qualifications are for a Director of Nursing designee in a Home Health care agency? We're in California and I can't seem to find anything in the state or federal regs that address this. Thanks!
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    Check your policy book or your accrediting body/agency.
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    If I were going to guess, I would say they are the same as that for someone hired as the DON.
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    No, they're not always. I am a designated alternate and didn't have to go through the credentialing that the DON did. Best to check with agency policy manual and/or accrediting body.
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    The COP specifically addresses this issue. You can find it in the Federal Register. A home health DON is required to have had a minimum of 1 year field experience, but I could be wrong as it may be 2 years.