Psychiatric Home Health question

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    Are there Psychiatric Home Health nurses? I am a Psych RN and heard some companies hir Psych RNs to do home health visits on Psych patients. Does anyone know of a company that does this?

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    Where are you located?
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    Inland Empire, Southern California.
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    On the employment website,, there is a listing for a psych home health RN for Amedisys in Lake Forest CA. The zip listed is 92630 so it is the southern CA Lake Forest and not the Lake Forest that is near Sacramento. There may be other job listings. However, must warn you that several people have posted that Amedisys is not the best company to work for, so investigate fully before you take a job with them.
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    You should be in hot demand just about anywhere. There are requirements over and above that of a home health RN for seeing psychiatric patients. My best advice is to ask around about agencies first. You want to work for one with a reputation for high quality. You can look up some information at under the home health compare option. Also, if you are a psych RN, maybe you can check with some of the psychiatrists you know to see if there is an agency they prefer.

    You should have no trouble locating an agency that will hire you.

    julianne haydel
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    Wisperorion, Just curious what you found out in the end. Any success?
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    I work in psych home health in San Diego. Been doing it a few months. Paperwork....ridiculous but I like the job.
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    Does anyone know how you become medicare psych certified. I have home health and psych experience.
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    The home health agency submits your resume and qualifications to the intermediary (contracted payer for Medicare in your region) and they determine whether you meet Medicare's guidelines. The agency itself must be approved to provide psychiatric home health services. This usually requires at least two Medicare approved psychiatric nurses on their staff. Nurses that qualify are greatly in demand.
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