Payscale for rns

  1. Anyone knows how much is average payscale for homehealth RNs. i also want to know how is capitalone home health agency to work with.
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  3. by   nursemami4
    I work for two companies as a field rn and get paid per visit. Below is the pay rates between the two. Hope it helps and best of luck.

    Skilled nurse visit $36/45

    Admits $56/60

    Recerts and post hospital $54/60

    Weekends add $10 to any visit.

    On call $150/280

    I average 20 plus snv and 2-3 soc, roc per week and average pay is like $2500 or more biweekly
  4. by   KelRN215
    It depends on a number of things. Are you paid hourly? Salary? Per visit? Where are you located? Pay varies WIDELY throughout the country.
  5. by   Yosemite, RN
    RN revisit = $60
    RN start of care/admission = $100
    RN resumption of care = $60
    RN recertification = $60
    Paperwork/computer documentation/phone calls/phone tag/faxing/fixing aforementioned = included in visit pay, i.e., no extra pay.
    Wasted time, i.e., Pt. cancels visit when you reach the home, doesn't meet criteria for home health (example: not homebound), etc., haven't quite figured that out yet... minimal compensation... something like $25 per hour.
  6. by   sukh :)
    Thanks nursemami4, KelRN215, and Yosemite for replying to me. it helped a lot .
  7. by   caliotter3
    In extended care, the majority of cases are designated as "LPN level" care so many agencies only offer LPN level wages for RN's who choose to do this kind of care. Some agencies will pay their RN's from two to five dollars an hour more, but take that out of their company resources. The entity paying for the case will not reimburse at a higher rate just because an RN is assigned by the agency. In order to get paid the agency prevailing RN wage from out of the gate, the case needs to be designated as "RN level" care and reimbursed accordingly. These cases are not common.

    Intermittent visit rates may vary widely, largely depending upon the location. You may be able to get more specific information by cold calling the various agencies in your location and just asking outright (if they are hiring) what their rates are. I would steer clear of an agency that refuses to provide that information to a potential employee.