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  1. I've been in cardiac nursing for many years. I've been with the same hospital for 21 of those years. During this time I've done floor nursing, office nursing, managing, Clinical Research Trials, diagnostic testing such as Nuclear Med, and CT. I have never worked Home Health and I have recently been offered a position as a field nurse who will specialize in the pts discharged from the cardiac hospital. I am both excited and scared because I have been with the same Cardiologists for all these years. At my interview, they rolled out the red carpet and called me an expert in my field and told me they were honored to have me consider this position. I have been offered a chance to teach and assist the other home health nurses with their cardiac pts. I will have to learn about the Oasis paperwork and basically learn a whole new field of nursing. This sounds like a great opportunity. The only downside is it will be a lateral move. My question is: Will I enjoy Home Health? Is the paperwork going to take up half my day? Shouldn't I be compensated for teaching the other nurses or should I just let it go? I'm all about customer service and I love working with pts, so I'm hoping it is the right decision.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Of course you should be on the clock when you are teaching the other nurses. I would suggest you do formal inservices in the office to facilitate the requirement to be paid, as the nurses should be paid for attending inservices. Personally I don't know that I would leave a position of such long-standing for this type of job. But that is me. You must have a good reason or you wouldn't consider it as this point. Good luck.
  4. by   Kyasi
    Hmmmm...... they rolled out the red carpet, called you an expert and then they don't want to pay you more to take this position? Something doesn't sound right here. Why make a lateral move unless there are some benefits to you? I'm an 'old nurse' too and it took an offer I couldn't refuse to make me change my job a few years ago. I drove a hard bargain and didn't budge on my terms and we both came out ahead. I came to them with 24 yrs of Home Care experience and I knew they needed me more than I needed them.

    As you said, this means leaving what is familiar to you, learning something new (believe me, writing, entering, and transmitting OASIS is not exciting) and it seems you are the one giving and they are taking. Don't misunderstand, a new challenge and learning is all good. Forgive me if I seem cynical, but I was burned once in just this sort of offer. You need to ask many more questions and determine exactly what your expertise is worth. It sounds like they need you more than you need them right now so you are in a good bargaining position. Don't sell yourself short!

  5. by   okwurn1
    Thank you both for the advice!!
  6. by   BabaLouRN
    paper work will be MORE than half your day
  7. by   Kyasi

    I'm curious, what did you decide and how is it working out?