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  1. I am wondering. How many cases should one person be responsible to review and submit oasis for? Is there a maximum amount? My agency requires that I am responsible for approx 650. We have a relatively new computer system within the last year and many new to home health clinicians. I am also responsible for teaching the new clinicians, safety/ OSHA, compilation of reports, Plan of Treatment reviews, and anything else my boss can dream up for me to do. I also write grants when they ask ( I have done two in the last few months). Does this sound right. I thought that most people who do coding and oasis review do this as a full time position. Any opinions? Is there a resource I can use to cite what can be expected of one person in this position?
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  3. by   Willow Moonsidhe
    Our agency has a computer program that reviews discharge Oasis to SOC Oasis. I hate that thing. It is only as good as the nurse answering it. The SOC nurses in my opinion many times try to make those patients look sicker than they are. I put down what the patient is actually safe to do on their own. When our assessments do not match then we get flagged and have to go back and review. I do not really appreciate being questioned about my answers when I have been seeing patients for 60 days and know them really well. I also do try to account for those patients who are doing more than they safely should.

  4. by   caliotter3
    Writing grants? Sounds as if you are doing someone else's duties. Your employer is making maximum use of someone working in the office.
  5. by   tk3100
    I agree with that. I am still reeling over being fired yesterday due to "poor performance". I really do not know what else she wanted from me. She said that there were missing recerts and I should have known this. This follows a state survey that I was not told about until the moment I was fired. Everyone was talking about how well the survey went. How in the world could that be if there were recerts missing? This was apparently not the responsibility of the clinician, their supervisor, the secretary that tracks this, but mine alone. What I would like to know, is that does anyone think that approx 650 active patients to review oasis and submit, plan of treatment reviews, and many other duties is an acceptable load? I never thought of myself as a slacker before, but I am interested to hear the honest opinion of other home health folks. There has been talk of corporate restructuring, and many others have been laid off or fired very recently. I am truly at a loss.
  6. by   tk3100
    I just think that that many active patient cases for 485 reviews and oasis review and submit alone is enough to make a person crazy. I am not a certified coder, but I had more home health experience than almost any of the clinicians and supervisors.