Nursing burn-out

  1. After 9 years working in the hospital I decided I needed to switch to HH because I thought I was just burned out on med/surg nursing....after 6 months in HH it has become apparent that I am just burned out on nursing period. I am looking to switch careers but seeing as I have more then 10 years invested in the medical field I don't know what I want/can do now. I will stick with HH until I find what I want to try next but I am so sick of the ungrateful, inconsiderate people that we take care of.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Whatever your next career move, take the time to step away from nursing with a vacation. Whether you take a full vacation or mental health days here and there, take time for yourself to regroup and recharge. Call it your answer to having to deal with the ungrateful and inconsiderate. Don't ask your client or employer for the days off, TELL them when you are taking days off. Best wishes.
  4. by   Mandy LVN
    Thanks Caliotter!
  5. by   kstaffeil
    There are lots of positions that are not bedside nursing,
  6. by   juzme
    I think most of us have been there...Caliotter gives great advice;-) do take a vacation, re evalaute your career and maybe seek another position in nursing...I have done mh/mr(which I dearly loved)then went to a hospital and did rehab and med/surg and some agency for LTC in between and now HH and currently trying hospice...not sure if I will be able to do that..but I am willing to give it a try..and sometimes I think of other careers also...
  7. by   nursenora1
    I totally agree with you. I have been working med surg for 1 year and let me tell you, I had to quit that job due to the high stress levels. I would always question my career because I started to hate nursing. Then I said, what the heck let me try home health and I absolutely love it. I most def am not a bedside nurse. I hate having 3 bosses up my butt, and dealing with ungrateful ppl. So you are not alone. Def take a vacation and search for a new nursing position. You wouldn't want to waste all those years in school plus all those yrs you have of experience. Nursing can be fun! You just have to find what is best for you. :-)
  8. by   MauraRN
    thanks Caliotter3, I needed that info too. I am so burned out working 80 hr weeks and getting paid for 40, ungrateful pts that just want more 'free stuff' while they don't participate in their own care, management that says we should be able to see 6-8 very sick pts and do all documentation and care management for them in 8 hours......yada, yada. I am putting in for vacation week in March and re-evaluate home care and nursing in general. Love nursing, but I need a life.
  9. by   Burlshoe114
    Okay, this is going to sound cliche, but where is your heart telling you to go? What are you feeling a big pull towards? If it is more of a "run from" than a "go to" impulse, then I would do some soul searching before jumping into your next job.

    Have you tried a differet territory or agency? I worked for one group of people for 5 years of hell and was ready to leave nursing. Then a friend of mine got me my job at my current agency, and it is much better. Look at your client demographics. A territory with retired middle-class suburban widows is going to be a lot different than a territory in the rural areas, or a territory in the inner city.

    Really, (and you are going to hate me for saying this!) the nursing job is based on dealing with and managing non-compliant, unmotivated, dirty, sick people and figuring out ways to make them meet goals while your managers bug you about the number of gauze bandages and gloves you use! Sometimes you just have to get these people to respect your boundaries. Other times you just have to know when to let go or delegate.

    But if you truly are sick of nursing, there is nothing wrong with stepping away and doing something else. Nursing jobs will always be here! Just don't let your credentials expire any time soon!

    Good luck!