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Ok guys, I just want to essentially take a survey of what people are making in Home Health. Basically to show the regional disparities and to make sure everyone is getting a fair and equal paycheck at the end of the day. I... Read More

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    Wow! I'm really surprised to see how well I'm paid in Michigan!
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    Quote from SuzieVN
    BTW- what is a visit? I can comprehend an intake, which I suppose an RN would do, would take some time. Is a visit a task, a part of an hour, a set time? Thanks.
    A regular skilled nursing visit usually takes 30-45 minutes, depending on what the needs of the patient may be.

    For a Start of Care, which is probably like your intake, it's anywhere from 45 min to almost 2 hours in the home, again depending on the patient.
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    Salary- Private duty- $18-23 per hour, depending on shift (nights pay more than days, weekends pay more than weekdays). Visits- $75 per SOC, $40 per ROC or Super Visit, .52 cents per mile. Call is $150 per week (5 pm-8 am Mon-Thu, 5pm Fri-8AM Mon).

    3. Benefits- Expensive health insurance ($700 per month for 2), 401K, dental, short-term disability, PTO.

    4. Perks if any- Snacks at meetings, occasional bags.
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    South Shore suburbs and some neighbors of Boston, MA

    Salarly- I work full time (not per diem or per visit) I get $28 an hour for a set 40 hrs a week. I am expected to see an average of 5-6 pts a day, we also are responsible for the majority of all of our pts case coordination and home health aide and LPN supervision as well...its a lot. Also this is new grad salary

    Benefits- working for a small agency health insurance is offered but for a high price (i believe 400 a month) which i do not pay and get elsewhere. also offered vision and dental which i do use yet but will soon, i believe price is MUCH lower

    Perks- nothing really...its been discussed about being provided with tablets once we go electronic soon (thank god) but im not sure if that will come through. I get $0.40 per mile. drive a newer jeep compass and this covers gas prices but not much more (such oil changes or maintenence). generally i claim 200-500 miles per 2 week pay period (some of my visits are 18-30 miles apart and must be seen in that order... )
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    Just the barebones
    1. State (city would be nice)
    2. Salary
    3. Benefits
    4. Perks if any

    1. Northern California
    2. $41.36/hr
    3. no health benefits
    4. company cellphone & tablet
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    What is a RV? Recert? Regular visit? How can an LVN do a Recert?
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    I worked for an agency that paid per visit (no bennies except 0.52/mile). $120 SOC, $90 ROC, $80 Recert and $35 SNV. Apparently that was too much as the owner decided to have only LVNs do SNV to save money (@ $25 SNV). Today I interviewed with an agency that wants someone PRN to be on call every other weekend. Pay was $65.50 per OASIS, $33.50 SNV. I was shocked at the difference. I forgot to ask about pay for call.
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    1.) milwaukee wi
    2.) $25 per recert visit; $50 per admission
    3.) flexible scheduling
    4.) same as #3
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    1. Denver Metro

    2. $23.50/hr for meetings, $47 for regular visits, $57 for evals/recerts/resumptions/agency discharge, $85 for opens, $2/hr on call, $0.48/mile minus to/from first/last visit

    3. No benefits

    4. I've got an ipad rather than the portable file box I used to lug everywhere.
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    $27 per med admin visit

    No benefits

    No mileage

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