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Ok guys, I just want to essentially take a survey of what people are making in Home Health. Basically to show the regional disparities and to make sure everyone is getting a fair and equal paycheck... Read More

  1. by   lossforimagination
    I worked for an agency that paid per visit (no bennies except 0.52/mile). $120 SOC, $90 ROC, $80 Recert and $35 SNV. Apparently that was too much as the owner decided to have only LVNs do SNV to save money (@ $25 SNV). Today I interviewed with an agency that wants someone PRN to be on call every other weekend. Pay was $65.50 per OASIS, $33.50 SNV. I was shocked at the difference. I forgot to ask about pay for call.
  2. by   jwillrn
    1.) milwaukee wi
    2.) $25 per recert visit; $50 per admission
    3.) flexible scheduling
    4.) same as #3
  3. by   HeadingWest
    1. Denver Metro

    2. $23.50/hr for meetings, $47 for regular visits, $57 for evals/recerts/resumptions/agency discharge, $85 for opens, $2/hr on call, $0.48/mile minus to/from first/last visit

    3. No benefits

    4. I've got an ipad rather than the portable file box I used to lug everywhere.
  4. by   NursexOx

    $27 per med admin visit

    No benefits

    No mileage
  5. by   aknight07
    Do you mind if I ask who you work for? I'm in Milwaukee, WI and I am contemplating home health. I would like to find out more about it.
  6. by   turningred15
    1. Milwaukee Area, WI
    2. $26 hourly ($39 for overtime if worked more than 40 hours in a week. $2/hr on call rate.
    3. Health, dental, vision, 3 weeks PTO
    4. Nice patient population. Agency covers safe areas. Agency values their staff.
  7. by   BrookeRN12
    1. Seattle, WA
    2. $22.30/hour +$1.00 for nights and weekends
    3.Offers full benefits, but they are pretty expensive
    4. PTO, time and a half for holidays
  8. by   vampymegs
    Brand New to HHC, have about one year experience in nursing ...
    1) MetroEast Massachusetts
    2) Salaried at 28 an hour, 75 for SOC and 40 for a skill visit , .42 a mile
    3)Bennefits are cheaper, about half, than what I'm paying now at SNIF unit (single mom of two paying current 140 a week to paying 90 a week at the new place)
    4.)sched is ft, bennies are great
  9. by   godiva
    Central Indiana. $22/hr, no bennies, $0.32/mi. Bonus for being on-call by day (I haven't been asked yet to do it so I don't know what that stipend is... the last agency I worked for paid an extra $150/wk on-call). I'm still in training so I don't know what my load will be. My documentation and phone calls are expected to be done while I am in the home which means I'm not expected to make more than a reasonable number of visits a day and my drive time is paid, which is nice because some patients are kinda far.

    I'm a newer nurse so this kind of pay seems reasonable to me... I'm amazed at how much of you seem to be able to make!
  10. by   cathrn64
    Suburbs of Chicago

    SOC =80.00
    57.00 = RECERT
    45.00 = REGULAR VISIT
    50.00= High Tech

    Full, (but expensive) benifits (INS, Dental, Vision), PTO/SICK

    Full time employees can lease a company car- which at first sounds expensive, but works out well. It comes out of my paycheck, and includes gas, insurance and maintenance
    part time and those who don't want the car---millage reimbersment

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  11. by   SanDiegoCaliRN
    I rarely work HH anymore but I'm still on with my agency and am offered shifts. Ours is private duty, 12 hour shifts with only one (wealthy) client, usually with minimal and sometimes no nursing interventions required. The pay is $35/hr for the first 8 hrs, and time and a half for last 4 (Cali). It's a cush job for someone burned out with bedside nursing but as a newer nurse, I found it incredibly boring (even if I did work in fabulous mansions with chefs, housekeepers, etc and visited 5 star restaurants with client on their dime and on the clock). I find labor and delivery far more fulfilling and exciting, even if I'm not making near the $ I do in HH

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  12. by   OCRN3
    Southern California RN 100 for SOC, 60 for follow up

    LVN 30 for follow ups

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  13. by   RobynL
    Seattle area
    $27/hr per diem. 50 cents per mile between patient homes
    $50 /month cell phone allowance