Home Health RNs: mileage reimbursement?

  1. How many of you home health RNs get reimbursement for your mileage? I was offered a position but they have not told me anything about salary yet (apparently don't have it worked out?) and when I asked about mileage reimbursement they said it is "not usually reimbursed." Is this the norm??
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  3. by   merlee
    No, no, no. You want mileage reimbursement for sure. Every penny. Preferably in a separate check. Nonsense.
  4. by   mclennan
    BEWARE HH agencies that do not reimburse at the Federal rate. Or reimburse ANY mileage. They usually turn out to be Medicare scamming operations that you will NOT want on your rsum. Tread carefully in the wild world of HH agencies!
  5. by   L8RRN
    I work for the state and get a salary and 42 cents per mile. I put about 500 to 800 miles on my car per month and cover one county of the state (and SOMETIMES go to another county to cover a visit or two if needed).
  6. by   paradiseboundRN
    49-50 cents per mile is what you should get right now. And it should be evaluated every 6 months with the gas prices. Do not take a home care job without mileage reimbursement. That money really adds up and its wear and tear on your car plus gas!
  7. by   I<3H2O
    We are reimbursed $0.49/mile. So far this year I have put about 8k miles on my car. That reimbursement can be substantial! The federal rate just recently went up to $0.55.
  8. by   livelaughlove09
    I shouldn't be giggling at this but I am. You'll get it in a second. You HAVE to be reimbursed mileage, and run run run if you don't. I actually bought a car to use for work (used...4w drive) because I didn't want to run up the mileage on my family car. We get reimbursed $0.45 per mile. Of course I do use my car for personal use too, but just some local driving (kids to school, store, whatever) but in the 10 months I've had this car, I've put...drumroll...30,000 miles on it! You must get mileage in a job like this.
  9. by   iridium54
    Thank you all for your comments. The results are clear...no reimbursement is unacceptable!
  10. by   Dafabb
    You also have one other option. Negotiate your salary with 1/200.00 more than offered to cover monthly expenses. I was doing home heath for the 5/9 yrs here in Dallas. I am an "agency nurse,travel nurse" as uncle sam knows of. Even if you are employed with a HH company you can still do "traveling nurse" I keep a record of my milage on calendar and take all 10-14,000 miles off at the end of the yr. This will considerably drop you net for less taxes. I have done this since 1995. Maybe this is another option as many do not pay for mileage.
  11. by   Dafabb
    LOL yes on this I agree get milage up front!!!!..when I was doing full time HH I put 12-16,000 a/yr on mine and just take ALL of it off at the end of the yr.
  12. by   NPenn3080
    Yes, you need milage pay. I work for a HHC and my milage is included on my check. You should also find out what area they want you to cover and get it in writting. Otherwise they may have you driving an hour between patients. Also ask if they have a point system and if you get paid if your over your weekly point quota. For example, I have to get 32 points a week. 2.5 points for a start of care and 1 point per skilled nurse visit... you may also get additional points for milage.
  13. by   paradiseboundRN
    Depending on your tax bracket you may NOT be able to claim the mileage at the end of the year. My husband makes a lot more money than I do and in order to claim the mileage deduction the amount has to be a certain percentage of our income. In the first 5 years I was in home care (when I wasn't getting paid mileage), I wasn't able to claim it. Get the mileage upfront!
  14. by   nursemom123
    At our HH agency, we only do private pay, no medicare/medicaid, no oasis.

    I am very happy with my company, LPNs get $37 a visit, RNs get $47. Mileage is considered part of the pay, which I prefer, because then I deduct all the mileage at the end of the year. It drops my taxes like a rock, so I usually get a decent refund at the end of the year. Plus I deduct everything that is legal - scrubs, nursing license, nursing journals, tolls, stethescopes, pulse ox, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes. The last 2 are supplied by my company, but once in a while I run out and have to buy some.

    Like everyone else, our census goes up and down. When I first started, an experienced nurse told me to sign on with at least one other agency, so when things are quiet at one you have work at the other. I also do per diem hospice nursing when things get quiet.

    I love getting to know my patients. POCs range from one visit to sometimes a year or more. You become a part of the family when you spend that much time with your patients. I often joke that I get paid to hang out with my friends while doing some nursing care on them! I have remained very close with many of my former patients. In the hospital they come in and out and you never know what happens to them.

    As an aside, why do so many HH patients watch the Food Network?