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  1. 0 Hello I am a home health nurse and i have always used a software to do my notes. My problem is that this program is VERY outdated. It was given to me by my sister and it was given to her by her husband and it was given to him by a former classmate and he probably got it from someone else. (just to give you an idea of how old it is) Now the issue is that i want to get my hands on a more current version of this software but no one seems to know the name or where i can get it. Can anyone please help????? ASAP!!!

    About the software: It creates templates of the progress note for each agency and you basically work off of the first note you create. You create agencies and patients and it saves spacific info for each patient.
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    that would be awesome to have..please let me know
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    what is the name of your current, outdated software?
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    Do you work private duty as an independent nurse? That's the only reason I can imagine needing to buy your own software... I use a computer based software program to write my notes but it's for intermittent visits and it's a software purchased by my agency and their laptop. It's not a program that would be good for private duty because it's set up for visits.
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    Yes I'm an independent contractor. Idk the name but the file is just saved as nurse report for windows.