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  1. 0 I saw an ad for a part-time home health RN with at least a year of experience. Requirements included OASIS, seeing four to six patients per day, assessments, meals, and "light cleaning" with hours from 8a to 5p.

    I was surprised to see the "light cleaning." If one sees six patients per day and does dressing changes or other nursing interventions - including documentation, plus the meals and cleaning... It just seems like a lot to cram into one day...not to mention the driving.

    Is the above the norm in home health? Is it doable in the time allowed?

    I have not worked home health, but am curious about it.
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    The aides usually do meals and light cleaning.
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    I have never done cleaning in any of my patients homes. That's not what I'm there for, I am a nurse. Some house I've wanted to clean because they're disgusting but there's not time for that.
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