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I was wondering if any of you would mind telling me where you get your nursing bags to tote all your equiptment and supplies for your visits? First one I bought when I started home health last year was a laptop bag I got at the... Read More

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    Visiting nurse bags need to be made of material impervious to moisure, have at least three outside pockets for:
    a. clean handwashing supplies
    b. dirty supplies/sharps container
    c. chart/papers

    inside areas should have seperate sections for BP cuff/scope, wound supplies, cath supplies etc.
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    I just want to say how helpful everyone's posts here are. This would seem like such a trivial thing to anyone else but its real for the HH folks. I am attempting to start HH nursing thanks to the referral of one of my coworkers at the hospital who does it as a second job and really enjoys it.
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    I am amzed that an agency wuld not allow a bag in a home. Using this logic, you couldn't wear your coat or clothes in either as you are transferring infection. Our agency provides specific Home Health bags that are large square back packs. We use barriers whenever a doorknob is not close by. The bags have looped handles at the top specifically for hanging on doorknobs. Every item taken out from the bag is wiped with germicidal wipe prior to replacing it in the bag. We all take a class on "bag technique," and try to keep the inside of the bag "clean." We also take a class in wound dressing techniques to be used in the home. many of us have a second smaller bag from American Home Patient we use for simple "routine" visits.
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    Thanks for all you guys suggestions and input. I just LOVE this board!

    Grateful !
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    The diaper bag idea is great! Been looking for a nurse bag for a couple of weeks. NEVER thought about a diaper bag. Might be just what I'm looking for. THANKS!
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    i have a "touristy" bag made of nylon, which is easy to clean.

    granted that it does have a huge hawaii printed on the side.
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    I used to use a backpack bag from Nurse Mates, right now I have this one and i love it http://www.nursesbag.com/store/nurse...nurses_bag.htm Very good organization and it cleans really easy both inside and outside - I just wipe it with a peroxide wipe after visits.
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    You can use any bag that has enough sections to make a clean and a dirty side.
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    I bought a snazzy black, shiny, fake croc skin laptop bag at Ross for like $18. I like it because I can use Clorox wipes on the outside.
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    Travelon Independence BagTravelonI have used this bag for the past 8 years. It has outside side pocket for soap and hand sanitizer, paper towels in the front pocket. Main pocket fits thermometer, b/p cuff, stethoscope, pulse ox, INR machine, CPR mask, goggles and apron. Little pockets hold alcohol, dressing supplies etc. has loops to hold scissors, penlight, needles/ syringes etc. I was told by the infection control nurse that I can use this surface when opened as long as I wipe it down with a cavi wipe when finished. Great bag.

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