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I was wondering if any of you would mind telling me where you get your nursing bags to tote all your equiptment and supplies for your visits? First one I bought when I started home health last year... Read More

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    Thanks for all you guys suggestions and input. I just LOVE this board!

    Grateful !
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    The diaper bag idea is great! Been looking for a nurse bag for a couple of weeks. NEVER thought about a diaper bag. Might be just what I'm looking for. THANKS!
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    i have a "touristy" bag made of nylon, which is easy to clean.

    granted that it does have a huge hawaii printed on the side.
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    I used to use a backpack bag from Nurse Mates, right now I have this one and i love it http://www.nursesbag.com/store/nurse...nurses_bag.htm Very good organization and it cleans really easy both inside and outside - I just wipe it with a peroxide wipe after visits.
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    You can use any bag that has enough sections to make a clean and a dirty side.
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    I bought a snazzy black, shiny, fake croc skin laptop bag at Ross for like $18. I like it because I can use Clorox wipes on the outside.
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    Travelon Independence BagTravelonI have used this bag for the past 8 years. It has outside side pocket for soap and hand sanitizer, paper towels in the front pocket. Main pocket fits thermometer, b/p cuff, stethoscope, pulse ox, INR machine, CPR mask, goggles and apron. Little pockets hold alcohol, dressing supplies etc. has loops to hold scissors, penlight, needles/ syringes etc. I was told by the infection control nurse that I can use this surface when opened as long as I wipe it down with a cavi wipe when finished. Great bag.