having problems discharging pts

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    I was really hoping the current job I am working was going to work out and maybe it will. I am really having a LOT of problems discharging patients. Admin has a freakin fit!!! This is not how I learned home health. I am seeing pts that have been on service for 2 years!!! the agency just WILL NOT let them go. I am seeing pts whose goals were met over and over again but they get recert'd over and over again. We are supposed to search for ANY reason to not discharge them for. I don't know how they are measuring outcomes. Any suggestions??

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    Notwithstanding the legality of what is going on, I believe the company culture is more than likely not in line with your standards. If I were you, I would start looking for a new job if you have no intentions of realigning your professional ethics. This can only turn out to be a bad situation for you, now or later.
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    My current employer is also like this. I'm leaving.
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    I would leave. Your signature on the Oasis of a reverted patient whose care is not reasonable and necessary is fraud!
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    One word for that is FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You don't want to be on that ship when it sinks....sail away!!!

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