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    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has heard of this place? Apparently there's a few of them in Monmouth county and I didn't have the best experience with them..

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    Moved thread from Ni to Home Health Nursing
    as better change of getting info on this regional company.

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    Did you watch the recent episode of "Undercover Boss" about this company?
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    Quote from caliotter3
    Did you watch the recent episode of "Undercover Boss" about this company?
    No I didn't but I just looked it up online. It's a shame because the company was founded by someone who seems like they really want to make a difference, but the people who run the one in particular in my area are not running it right at all. I wish I had the funds to start one day
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    Have not been overly impressed by the agencies that have appeared in my area. Frequent address changes and changes of listed nursing director indicate lack of stability. The marked decrease in advertised pay rates does not help either.

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