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APN in home health?

  1. 0 I currently work in home health and do enjoy. I only have a few semesters left in my MSN program and then I will (hopefully) become an FNP (assuming I pass boards!). Do any of you have APNs working in your agency? What do they do? I definitely see a need but am not sure of the legalities and such. In my state an APN must have a physician contract type thing and home health orders must be written from an MD...not an APN. Just trying to see what might happen come graduation time!!
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    Where do you live? I used to live in the Midwest and there were job postings for NP's with a group of physicians doing house calls. There is a website that provides link to physicians who offer this service:

    American Academy of Home Care Physicians - Info for Patients, Families and Friends: Physician Referral Network
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    In home hospice there is a APN who does face to face evaluations on patients who reach their 6 months to determine continuation of care.
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    I live in central IL and yes, APNs work in home health.

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