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  1. 0 I've been offered a per diem position with home health in north MS/west TN area and looking for comparable pays. While I do not have any home health experience, I have 9 years experience in the hospital. Pay is $28 for established and $50 for a new pt w/ 35 cents/per mile. This doesn't seem like the pay I've heard from two others in the area and I'm confused as to whether this would be worth while. Thanks in advance for any input!
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    If this is per visit and not hourly I would be hesitant to accept it - you would end up putting in a lot of time for a little bit of money.
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    WOW! That is mind blowing. When I was a home health scheduler back in the mid nineties the RNs were getting 85.00 per visit.
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    I know I'm not in your area but that does seem awfully low. For our pay per visit for start of care its $80 and revisits are $50.
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    You are being ripe-off. Don't take this position. There are lots of other HHAs that pay more ,but you have to look around. I live in VA and last year, I interviewed for a per diem position which offered $65 for an admission and 35 cents per mile. I turned down that offer. Recently, I applied with another company that pays $80 per admission and 55 cents per mile.

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