4/09 UPDATE: OASIS hints and websites; Version C start 1/2010 - page 3

advice from cahaba, my agency's medicare intermediary from medicarea newsline 1/1/05, vol 12, no 4, pgs. 66 -70 https://www.cahabagba.com/part_a/education_and_outreach/newsletter/0105.pdf link updated 2/21/07 4/08--link... Read More

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    I am sooooooooooooooo glad that in Canada we don't have to deal with OASIS. I don't know how you all do it...it seems very difficult. Hooray for all of you HH nurses in the USA!!

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    latest oasis: oasis-c version 12.2 (03.04.09)

    the tentative final data set/instrument will go through nprm spring of 2009, final rule occurs in late summer of 2009 for an anticipated implementation 1/2010
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    I am getting ready to start HH and found this "early learning" very helpful!! Thank you soooooo much, this helps the OASIS seem a little less intimidating. I am so thankful for this thread and web site.
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    OASIS Considerations for Medicare PPS Patients

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    What? I wish I could get the SOC Oasis done in 45 minutes! lol, The Oasis C takes alot longer right now, however; our agency requires alot of other forms, around 8 in addition to the Oasis C.
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    Quote from annfLA
    I went to a seminar about the oasis and we were told to always answer yes for does the patient have a skin leison..b/c they can have a mold or scar and this is considered a skin leison
    A "mold"...you have too much paperwork!
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    Thanks for the tips. The oasis can be so tricky! I love home health though! Started in March 2011. Any updated oasis tips sites? Thanks!
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    Great resources!

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