Colon Hydrotherapy

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    Any nurses out there using colon hydrotherapy (i.e. administering colonics) as a part of their nursing practice? If so, what type of practice do you have? Can anyone who knows colon hydrotherapy tell me the difference in cleansing the colon using hydrotherapy and cleansing the colon using a standard "pre-colonoscopy" cleansing protocol?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

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    The only experience I have with this recently was an ad I saw for a female RN offering such therapy. It appeared clear from the ad that she was offering enemas with a "kinky sex" garnish.

    Yes it was in my local area. We New Englanders are such staid and proper folks.
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    More quackery. Money making & dangerous.
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    I did take an elective class in this for my Masters course and it was gross and I am hard to gross out. Way to many pics of feces......

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    I fail to see the scientific efficacy of this practice. I doubt this is evidence-based and the metabolic imbalances could well prove fatal. Not something I want to be involved with.
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    May I direct the attention of my collegues to the ads that have appeared at the bottom of this page?
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    You are right Charlie - although "Yuck" would be my word.
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    Hi ,Nuna
    Take a look at the website www. .You will get the detailed info about colon cleansing.
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    The OP posted this question in 2005.
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    Hi welcome back once again.Avoid harsh chemicals such as laxatives as these can often cause more harm than good.Herbal based colon cleansers are a natural and gentle alternative and can produce excellent results.

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