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I have been interested in Holistic Nursing for a long time. The American Holistic Nurses Asso touts themselves as the only "official" certifying entity, and in the past, you had to have a bachelor... Read More

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    I never realized this before, but the Nursing (2017) Drug Handbook (by Wolters Kluwer) has a subsection under "Interactions" called "Drug-herb". For example, Prozac, if you're taking St. John's wort....may increase sedative & hypnotic effect...
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    Glad I found this thread. I just recently posted a comment about the difference between a health coach and a diabetic educator.

    OP if you are still available please message me. Thank you!
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    I am discovering new ways of eating not to be religious but we called God's diet and or the PALEO diet also look into ketogenic diet and eating strategies and recipes. I want accomplished a wound closing while working in home health care 15 years ago. I took some Eucerin mixed and tea tree oil in with it and some vitamin E and applied it to a large stoma wound on my clients buttocks but before that I washed the wound with herbal soap that I bought at the co-op. Within three or four days his Wound started closing something that the wound care center couldn't accomplish in 2-3 months I accomplished in three days and they were even using a VAC System and it wasn't doing a thing to close the Wound! PERIOD! So. that's when I realized that herbs and nature can do more for the body than what western medicine can. And that includes how we eat and what we eat gotta realize our bodies are full of toxins! These toxins created by the environment preservatives and chemicals put in our Foods. I'm being that in order to rid our bodies of the GARBAGE that people put into our bodies via all these unnatural products trading the toxins We as Health care providers providers Should look more towards eating grass-fed beef and poultry informed fish which has mercury and everything else in it. That includes juicing.. as far as the moon closing techniques that I used it just came to my mind I was actually just a home health aide but a 30-year nurse veteran couldn't believe what she saw and she told me whatever I was doing keep doing it cuz you're doing it right and I told her what I did. His wound eventually closed and no longer needed to wound care center. They weren't too happy about what I did because I went against the Grain of Western medicine per se I think they got butt hurt over it but that's their problem I took care of the problem because they couldn't. Thing is I was just winging it that's why I call it a God thing period again not being religious that's just my personal belief
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