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I have been interested in Holistic Nursing for a long time. The American Holistic Nurses Asso touts themselves as the only "official" certifying entity, and in the past, you had to have a bachelor degree and be a RN to even... Read More

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    I would be glad to meet and swap info with you. Send me a private message with your info and I will reply with mine. How awesome that you are so clear on the path you want to take. How exciting.

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    Quote from RNyogi
    Ok. "If we want to have a holistic nursing practice, what do we do?" Well...I agree with others who are saying there is no need to be an APN to have a holistic practice. This is an idea that I have been struggling with over the last few years, when thinking about how to proceed with my interest in the holistic field, as an RN.
    There is just one program out there for a Holistic Nurse Practitioner, which is in New York. All others are online programs, which I don't really see how that can be a quality education, with no hands on experience.
    I'm starting to believe that everyone just needs to follow what interests them in the field of holistic nursing. There are so many different specialties to choose from, as previous posts have shown (ex: reiki, bach flower essences, yoga, aromatherapy, accupressure). Say I'm interested in Aromatherapy, then maybe my first step is to obtain a certificate in Aromatherapy through one of the programs AHNA offers. That way I can individualize my skills, determining the services that I want to offer patients.
    I've also thought about going to get my massage license so I could combine massage with aromatherapy, and potentially other holistic nursing services (that I'd get education for along the way). This type of practice could be accomplished without getting an APN degree.
    So what it comes down to is that I feel we can practice as Holistic Nurses with an RN degree and additional certifications/training in specialty areas. Then I think it might be best to have your own practice or maybe team up with a few other holistic RNs to open a practice. It's a long road ahead, but I can't wait. Good luck to everyone else out there! Any ideas/responses are welcome.
    I assume you're an RN & a yogi? I am an RN & yoga instructor. I would loooove to move out of the acute care setting 7 into something more holistic. I'm happy I found these threads. They make me feel as though I'm not so off as in the setting where I work now, people are so glued to the medical model which is just not realistic today.
    I would be open to a bit more education if it is in an area that interests me. I'm torn these days between where the positions are offered & where my heart is...
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    The real issue sometimes is how do we get paid for the work we do. Sometimes, I think you just have to follow what in your heart you are meant to do and charge a fee that is fair and reasonable and expect that there are people out there that will pay you. The average co-pay to a physician is about $25 to $35 and you maybe get 15-20 minutes of the physicians time. I would guess that most of us make about that amount for an hour of work in the hospital or clinic. I also think that people want something other than what medical science can give them. They are probably just as frustrated in not being able to find us as we are in trying to figure out how to find them.

    Think outside the box.
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    Awesome! Thanks for recommending the book. I just bought it and am looking forward to learning more about this type of practice. As an RN just starting my journey in hopes of being a holistic nurse, I completely agree with everything you said and I am excited for you as you start this journey. You are right: it definitely starts with you. You will be helping yourself while you help others, and isn't that what nursing is all about? I have an appointment with a holistic MD in our area and I am looking forward to seeing if she has any advice on how to begin practice in holistic care. I wonder if you can find an MD as well that may give you some guidance? Good luck! I'll be happy to see other postings from you about this journey.
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    Does anyone know if it's possible/feasible to pass the board exam for holistic nursing if one is very familiar with Dossey's text?? I'm referring to the exam through AHNCC. Thanks

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