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Has anyone completed (or know anything about) the National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH) Whole Health Educator for Nurses program? If so, have you become a Certified Holistic Nurse? What's the... Read More

  1. by   Proverbs16:24
    Thank you Kathy. You have been helpful! I am in the process of finding a reputable program that specializes.
  2. by   Kathy H
    Quote from Providence60
    Hello fellow NIWH participant,

    So pleased to hear how much you are enjoying this program as much as I am! It really is very unique and the best option for nurses seeking real credentials for health and wellness patient education work in either a medical practice or for our own private practice. I’ve looked at a LOT of programs online and this program gives so much more value (at about the same cost) as other programs. And, the other programs don’t allow you to earn an NPI number or nurse CE contact hours or all the other perks it gives. I encourage you to go on the program’s monthly call-ins as there is a lot of discussion on them about what other graduates are doing and it’s quite impressive! On one of the calls, I heard it explained how Medicare is pushing disease prevention and health education big time, so nurses can do very well with this training and certification.

    LOL, ---------------- might be upset to hear you call yourself a coach because this program is SO much more than coaching. You can do so much more with this program than can a coach (check out comparison chart at Whole Health Training - Accredited | National Institute of Whole Health). Good luck with everything and I hope to see more of your comments in this forum!
    Interesting info. How can I go on the program's monthly call without being registered in the program? I'd love to get an idea of the program before committing. Thanks
  3. by   Kathy H
    Thanks for all the info. Would you happen to know whether there are any limitations to this in Connecticut? Thank you

  4. by   Providence60
    Hi Kathy,

    No, there are not any limitations to this credential in CT as the program provides a NATIONAL credential and thus does not limit one to state regulations where one lives or practices.
  5. by   Providence60
    Hi! Yes you need to have a degree or license in a health career or focus. The best way to know for certain if you qualify for the program would be to call and talk with someone at the program (Whole Health Training and Education - Accredited | Holistic Health Programs). Hope this is helpful!
  6. by   Providence60
    Hi Kathy,

    It depends on which of the National Institute of Whole Health programs you are interested in. To learn more about the requirements for the various programs offered, use this link Prerequisites | National Institute of Whole Health for looking at what your current education qualifies you for taking from the NIWH. Hope this was helpful!
  7. by   Providence60
    Hi Proverbs, sorry for the delay in seeing your post! I've answered a question Kathy posted below and the link Prerequisites | National Institute of Whole Health gives the requirements for the various programs NIWH offers. Hope this helps!
  8. by   Ppayne
    Hello to everyone,
    I am a recent graduate of the NIWH 3-in-1 Nurse Educator/Advocate program and wanted to add my experience of the program to the ongoing thread.
    I completed the Duke Integrative Medicine Health Coaching Program in 2016 and from there continued my education with the NIWH program.
    The Duke program was a wonderful foundation for coaching and set the stage for NIWH. My goals are to provide the most up to date, research based health information people are desperately searching for in a way that can be easily understood, and tailored to the specific needs of that individual. NIWH provided me with what I needed to be able to do this. As already stated so beautifully by other graduates, this is an all encompassing program. It is a learning environment that encourages and supports deep knowing and reflection on the materials given in the modules. I am one of the students that needed more time per week to complete each module, but that was my decision and not necessitated by the curriculum. I have grown in my knowledge base, and in my independent critical thinking skills. I am grateful for this program and all the staff that have the student's best interests as top priority - and so the future clients we will have a relationship with. Highly recommend it!