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I have a friend from high school that is a caregiver to a mentally handicapped adult. She is not a healthcare provider. Basically, she is a sitter when the parents are away or at work. She is constantly posting on FB about... Read More

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    Quote from chaka_1709
    She may not realize what she is doing is wrong and unethical. I would look up and print some handouts about hippa and nicely teach her.
    I like this idea! Thank you! I think it will be a great way to gently nudge her without being condescening which is how any admonition comes off on social media. Even if HIPAA does not apply to her, the ethics are still the same idea. I appreciate your input.

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    HIPAA applies to "covered entities" which includes providers, hospitals and others. Is this person a health care provider? That would be the key. If they are a companion or sitter they would not be subject to HIPAA. A provider must provide health care to qualify as a provider.
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    they aren't, because hipaa applies to entities that are in the primary business of providing or paying for health care (and their employees with access to phi). so a vna would be a covered entity, and a home health aide or homemaker employed by the vna would be subject to hipaa constraints.

    your friend isn't one of those, but she is using very poor judgment. the parents or guardian of the person she's watching should be notified.
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    If I remember correctly, when I worked at a grocery store I was given a crash course on HIPPA. We were essentially told to keeps our mouths shut about who purchases what for pharmaceuticals.
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    if your grocery store included a pharmacy and you could see who was getting precription medications there, that would be appropriate. this is because hipaa applies to entities that are in the primary business of providing or paying for health care-- for example, hospitals, medical offices, pharmacies, and insurance carriers who meet that description. it would be a violation if you took what is called "private health information" (phi) you picked up from your pharmacy and spread it around where it had no business being.

    if you're just talking about who's buying the hemorrhoid cream and the condoms out in the health products aisle of the grocery store, you're being told to be discreet and well-mannered as a marketing measure, and hipaa has nothing whatesoever to do with it. hope that helps.
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