Need opinions from RN's for my Ethical Dilemma Assignment! - page 3

So far, everyone has split opinions... "Jane works in the ED part time as a tech and goes to nursing school. She was working one day when a "once in a lifetime" patient came in with an issue that brought about a head scan that... Read More

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    Even if it does not voilate hippa every place Ive worked has had a policy of if you are not taking care of the pt you have no reason for being in the chart. Second any time a pt has a procedure done they have to sign a consent for photos and video to be filmed so they def voilated something.

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    Quote from Esme12
    It's a fine line.....I wouldn't risk it.
    I think I am with you Esme12!!!!
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    Quote from juzme
    I think I am with you Esme12!!!!
    and that makes you a smart cookie!

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