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Hello fellow educators....I am dealing with a dilema which I have no control over as I am a staff member, not administration, but it is just eating away at my concious. My community college uses the... Read More

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    That sounds great!!! I hope ALL the schools that kept good people from graduating due to HESI will follow in CCC's footsteps. I hope all the nursing schools in Louisiana are reading this. Please consider changing your graduation requirements. All HESI is is a marketing strategy they use on instructors.

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    Anyone have any information or hints for hesi rn exit Version 5. I am taking it for the fifth time and am so closeee... Please help! Thanks
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    Keegan1- Do you have any info for V2.Email me nursesandra33@yahoo.com
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    Hesi is brutal
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    Does anyone have tips on Hesi RN exit Version 5?.. I just took V-4 and it was brutal.
    Hesi is really frustrating me. :-(
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    any hints on version 4 ? i failed hesi twice already anything will help , i took version 2 and 5 , in my personal opinion version 5 was easier than version two
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    I took version 5 PM , i'll give u what i got , i need verison 3 and 4 though if u could possible help , pleaseeeeee , i hateeeeeeeeeee this hesiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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    I just took version 4 this week and 3 not too long ago so I could help you out.. Hesi is driving me crazy!!
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    hey can u e-mail me please at ap586@hotmail.com as soon as u can pleaseeee )) , thank u ssooo muchhh !
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    And you know what is very sad about this hesi thing, it is not even close to the real nclex exam. It is such a sad thing that some schools fail students as a result of this test when those students could have taken the Nclex and pass. The Nclex is soooo much easier, and those students would have been able to go on to enjoying their nursing careers.

    I am one of those students who struggled with the hesi. The questions were unreal. I passed only 2 hesi - peds and maternity, and failed everything else. Got a 680 on the exit #1, and a 670 on exit # 2, I was so depressed and devastated. As a matter of fact, at the back of my mind, I knew I was going to fail the Nclex also after my horrible performance at the hesi. But I am here now as a testimony that as long as your school allows you to take the Nclex even if you fail the exit exams, brush yourself off, and do not give the hesi a second thought; just continue with your preparation to pass the Nclex. I passed the Nclex with 75 questions. My friend who failed the exit hesi with a 540, passed the Nclex exam with 75 questions. I was shocked at how simple and straight forward the questions were, very similar to Nclex 4000. If I had had insight into what my Nclex experience would be like, I would not have beaten myself up so much over my hesi results, thinking that I was a failure even after studying really hard, yet unable to pass a stupid test! At the end of the day, I feel very victorious because even with my failures, I was able to pass the biggest test of all, the one that truly count.

    I must apologies to all those students who were not allowed to take the Nclex because they failed the Hesi - that is truly a revolting thing to do.

    Quote from Dakota09
    I just took version 4 this week and 3 not too long ago so I could help you out.. Hesi is driving me crazy!!
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