1. 0 Hello all, I wanted to know if anyone could help out with some pointers for the HESI Exit exam for LPNs. Unfortunately, I failed my first attempt, I got a 697 and I need to pass with a 850. What are some things/topics I should focus on and what should I do to study. I feel all over the place. Thanks.
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    Well what subject are you doing the Hesi for? At my school, we have a Hessi for every class.
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    Quote from DivaLaJuicy
    Well what subject are you doing the Hesi for? At my school, we have a Hessi for every class.
    It's for my exit exam
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    Moved to HESI exit exam forum to elicit further response. Please note that this is a moderated forum so all posts must be reviewed and approved by a moderator before appearing on the threads.
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    I heard that the Hesi is just like the NCLEX if I were you, I would study more so med surg, peds, Pharm, and nursing fundamentals. GOod luck
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    I did the hesi today, i got a 807. I'm retaking in 3 weeks. Hesi wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, I'm pretty confident I will pass next time.
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    I used the Saunder's NCLEX-RN book to study from and was sure to focus on the LPN's role and what could be delegated to the LPN. Doing NCLEX questions every.single.day. helps IMO. I did 10-20 of them and read the rationales whether I was right or wrong.

    I passed the LPN exit HESI with an 1106 on the first attempt. I'm in an ADN RN program but we are required to take the LPN HESI exit at the end of our second semester in preparation for LPN graduation.
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    thanks for the advice!
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    Sorry I forgot to mentioned that I passed my HESI on Jan 10 with a 919!! Which is great news!! Now, I'm studying for the NCLEXPN, any suggestions?
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    Grats on passing HESI! When I took the NCLEX, I studied Saunders, NCSBN Review, and a little ATI.

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