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    Hi! I plan on taking the Hesi A2 Test within the next few months and I was wondering if I could get some advice on which study guides are the best. It would be nice to just get one study guide that had everything I needed in it to study, but after reading all the reviews it seems like you need to buy more than one to cover all the sections and receive a high grade. I think I'm definately going to use the Evolve Admission Assesment guide. But, I'm not sure what else to buy. Which book(s) seemed to help everyone the most? I don't want to load myself with too much information either. I was thinking that I may also buy either the Kaplan study guide, Barrons Nursing School guide or McGrawhills Nursing School guide. Has anyone used any of those? Which books do you think are the most beneficial for the Hesi test? Are there any other resources that might help? Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! : )

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    I take my test in 2 weeks! and I just ordered 2 study guides...im already in A&P in college and chemistry, So im mostly using my notes from that and what I get from the Evolve Admission Assessment guide....

    After searching EVERYWHERE, I found what all 3 of those book you listed leaves out... the Critical Thinking section...McGraw hill, Barrons and kaplan, have the same thing in it as the Evolve book does,

    So i found someone on here got the Fundamentals Success: A Course Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking, Second edition

    and it not only helps for the test but for the first year of nursing school as well...

    So i bought both (costed 73$) on amazon, and Ill get it in 4 days (2 days technically because they don't ship on weekends) Not to bad in my opinion and its definitely worth looking at!

    Good luck with your test!
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    I've got some HESI guides on my site. Look under the "notes" section. The guides are at the bottom of the page.
    And, I wrote a review of the HESI when I took it on here awhile ago. Search my name and you'll find it. Hope this helps
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    hi, i was wondering if you already took the hesi using the Pdf file you just posted, and how did u do? are u using anything else to study? thanks
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    Quote from madisonsk
    hi, i was wondering if you already took the hesi using the Pdf file you just posted, and how did u do? are u using anything else to study? thanks
    Yes, I used the study guides I mentioned. I did pretty well. If I recall, I believe I got 90ish overall. I didn't use anything else to study. I didn't buy the guides. I've hear a lot of bad comments about the guides. Just my opinion though.
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    @Florida - I am trying to find the study guide you're talking about on your page but I am not sure where to look exactly.
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    I'm sorry its not very straight forward. Look at the very bottom of the hesi a2 page. There you'll find several downloads.
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    Thank you, I found it! Is the study guide all of those or just the ones that have study guide in the title? Sorry so many questions.
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    No problem. There is 3 study guides I believe and general hesi information through out the group of files. You'll have to take a look and see what is going to be helpful to you. The study guides have some indicator in the name in that they are study guides. Enjoy.
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    Thank you very much!

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